posted on March 4, 2009 at 7:51 pm

the centre cannot hold
the falcon cannot hear the panther
the rough beasts are slouching about all over the place
among us walk the others
you know who they are
you know who they are
the vanishers
the hard to remember now
the distant thoughts
mr weird, remember him?
i thought i was making all that up
but no
look i’m writing about him again
just on the verge of something big
just riding my mind till it can come up with something
just belting along down the alphabet
mr weird assembles himself in letters and light
out back in his day/night club
open all hours except …
is this where we’re rehearsing today?
some sullen roadie bumps in some gear
some tired geezer stands before a drink machine
insurance jobs blow up in the street
who cares?
my felafel n chips are making me sick
oh this is all so noir…..
i change the channel to some happier thing
little butterflies in an enchanted wood
spring suddenly drains out of the world
autumn arrives looking stern and unapproachable
unlikely considering everything
but who can really consider everything
my guitar gently cries mary and joseph
my bass hums with a life of its own
my drums rat a tat tat
mr weird stops in with a cawfee n a bagel
am i in america now? i ask naively
youre so mixed up says someone
yeah says mr weird
youre so mixed up
hes yer friend says someone new
yeah thats right says mr weird
what are you playing today?
well we’re playing um……something…
yeah yeah great says weird
youre a smart fucking bastard arent you?
i check him out
he seems to change a bit you know
tall and long or towering over me
wow his eyes are something else
he picks up a drumstick n it breaks
aw he says
a phone rings
he walks away
lucky for you he says over his shoulder
i change the channel
dont do that says weird his face full flat on the screen
i try again
the butterflies the wood
weird appeared walking thru the wood
when you gonna learn steven? he says
this whole thing is stacked against you
you cant win
you dont wanna win
theres no winners
i’m just here to set ya straight thats all
weird sighed
try being me he said
i wouldnt mind that i say absentmindedly
ok he says
its morning then
i looked myself in the mirror
i am weird
i am him
i am he
he is me
i say
now i’m gonna try being weird

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