posted on July 2, 2013 at 9:44 pm
flash bang wallop

flash bang wallop

we were living forever

in some strange city

in some strange day that stretched on and out

somebody talking in labyrinthian chambers

somebody framed against the pale sky at dawn

somebody walking down gardened roads in quiet time slowly

somebody else i suppose was following close

reality warped in memory though

some sanctuary

there was or there must have been that

where did we hide from wolves and jackal men then?

the mind is a mystery

it cannot fathom itself

it cannot dive deep into its ocean and find all the monsters

it cannot sort out the voices and lives it contains

it cannot map the forces which have come down to bear on it

it cannot always tell sweet truth from brute lie

harnessed to anxiety

goaded by pride

and hammered by doubt

(what the fuck am i saying?)

it apprehends the world a dim thing

immured to beauty

immersed in merciless acts

wickedness breeds in the swamps of imagination

like lust for money like avarice for flesh

like need to see hurt and taste blood

the mind of human cannot understand the mind of animal

the mind of human cannot understand the mind of god

we are neither one thing nor the other

or maybe in transition

try explaining abattoirs to the aliens

see if they can buy into it

the gods and the aliens with their prints all over me

moulding me holding me telling me what to say

even if i am mad and my mind is now gone

something still out there tells me what to say

and how i should say it…

i wonder who that is?

i wonder who  else is in my mind

i wonder how all this came to be here

working so well (except for some men)

i wonder why things are so hard for some

so easy for others

and others who dont even know theyre  playing a game

at first it can seem like all beer and skittles

then snakes n ladders n then i dont know

but youve been dicing with death all along

and must have realised that

when they began the last song


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