posted on November 26, 2006 at 7:53 pm

a new week
an open book
we move into summer
north moves into winter
oh roll out those hazy crazy lazy days of summer
and let the good times roll too….
hot tropical nights w/ rain beating down
beautiful music swelling up
the memories all crowd in
parties break out up n down the streets
in bedrooms lovers merge
champagne mixing with the deluge
tropical fish tank throws green light
flesh flows n dips
new life begins
black cat in darkness
witches familiar
gentle knock knock knock at door
you stand there unchanged
broad palm leaves collect water
clouds hurry on by
wine and roses
bamboo n chinese shrubs
sleek cars pull away
the mysteries enfold each other
everything reduced
everything must go
the storm renders all black n green
the outside is a blur
vaguely hear voices
someone somewhere laughing
someone else singing
the night stretches on for miles
it squeezes the city
it squats down over the coast
and envelopes the houses
it fools around with golf courses n playgrounds
it slides under the doors
it drips outside the windows
nightflowers bloom
nightfriends arrive
all around us the arms of the night
rain increasing steadily
thunder a deep rumble out to sea
give in
give up
give way to it
go under
lose yourself
loose yourself
let the thoughts
roll to the back of your mind
let it all go

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