posted on December 22, 2013 at 10:12 pm
another yellow period

another yellow period


the famous face of her fabulous frame

the games are announced in the marvellous spring

now its summer outside my tiny windows

summer eve can you believe such a thing?

the ointment of night is spread cross the sea

some joint still broadcasting from the 1950

some heartbreaking song broken on the wind

lonesome old music adrift in the night

in the night of great wonders approacheth the shops

the salty air corroding the chrome of the rich

i ditch my clothes on a heap on the floor

from out of the black i am coaxing a face

the night is a painting with its white and  its pink

the bats swoop low over roofs of the trippers

the wandering clouds are battered in heaven

i work as the ghosts play all their tricks on me

the lights go on and off things fall to the ground

i am not impressed by the whisperings near my head

the ocean however has purified the air

mosquitos still feed off me freely but they fly away fucked

my blood congeals in their bellies like darkening treacle

my heart beat is very very slow years pass between its subtle pulses

the summer night is full of girls who fall out of the bars

the babble of the drunken patrons is intensified by tonight

the looming holiday has elevated them with false bonhomie

their sunburnt faces utter a million meaningless words

outside on the street i am gone

dont look for me

i am in a tower of trees where a sometime pleasant breeze blows

i am sitting here banging it all out i never stop

i am charged with energy i have sucked from the great white stars

i am lucid on the dream run home where i score again again in zone

the mackerels in shoals flash from the green moonlit rocks

in an ice cream shop i add caramel to raspberry blocks

the night in eden down by the docks

summer but shorter and shortening day

unheard of sound begins to play






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