posted on September 17, 2006 at 9:02 pm

im uninspired to write this blogge
ive got nothin’ to say
and no way of saying it
theres been some very bad personal news(not mine)
that has slowed rehearsals right down
we are rehearsing in industrial suburb now
in middle of nowhere
either noisy guitars or lotsa blokes sitting round
smoking cigarettes and watching football
people drinking beer (burp)
people eating pizzas (ditto)
cars drivin’ up deliverin’ n takin’ away amps n drums
i do yoga in an empty rehearsal room
with the thump thump thump
of some dismal heavy metal plodders
coming thru the wall
just what this world neeeds
some tattooed turkeys grindin’ out
another ‘orrible bleeding racquet
some geezer singin’ in a high pitched voice
about the devil (yawn)
millions of “musicians” all over this world
dreamin’ of the big time
spendin’ their hard earned dough
on rehearsals n guitar pedals n beers n pizzas
many are called
few are chosen
still you say
let em have their dreams
even if their dream is generating a loathesome row
in a rehearsal room in belmore
sure sure
dream on boys
what the hell would i know
im jus’ knockin’ out this uninspired blogge
and thats it

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