posted on November 14, 2006 at 7:53 pm

put it all together n whaddya got?
i dunno
life continues…..
old maps come to light
journeys into darkness
and if the morning never arrives…?
oh, it always does…
the burst potential of our earth
abundant n green
its all been worked out for you
a self regulator
its been wound up
now it just goes n goes
dont ask me what forever means
i dont think we’ll be around to find out
not like this
not in these beggars rags
and uncomprehending grins
all things in time, being
you cant read the end 1st
itll make no sense
till you learn
i believe in a certain ok-ness of things
im certain uncertainty will get me
a particular vagueness
a softly deafening racket
the drowning air
the freezing fire
the moving ground
under the black soil
seeds push
life renews again n again
whatever you throw at it
however you deal with it
you cant defeat it with money
it cant be extinguished by a flame
life, always was, always will be
life comes from life
nothing comes from nothing
think about it
even longer
its 707 in the morning
everyone sleeping
resting for the day ahead
the children growing imperceptibly
before my very eyes
life forces them up
even against their will
they grow
they gotta learn
we gotta learn
some of the old ways we must abandon
we gave war a chance….didnt we?
cant we try another approach?
or is that the only song on our list
kill em
men women children animals planet
the misery of meat
cutting down the precious trees
make more stuff
the latest stuff
gimme gimme gimme
me too
im just as bad
i take n take n take
where is it all coming from?
who cares?
by the time it runs out
i’ll be long-gone, john
ah forget it
im happy
i got all my stuff
a thousand dollar gas-guzzlah
im making my own pollution now
and gulpin’ down that sweet petrol
excuse me
i’ll just help myself ….aye?
i mean
aint that what its all here for?
is this a fault in my thinking?
is life a deliberately structured
series of paradoxes n dilemmas
you gotta negotiate
or try again n again nagain…?
how did nevets do this life then?
oh…maybe a C plus
if we dont take blah blah blah
into consideration
nevets has been naughty
but nevets didnt know
he was only hurting himself
and its funny
even when ya sometimes know the right way
you still take the wrong one
isnt that stupid?
its a warm day
is that global warming
or just late spring?
ah…..thatll do for today
you get the picture, dontcha?
more pearls o’ wishdom tomorra then
love from killbey

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