posted on September 20, 2010 at 6:29 pm

sir roger billyard

in universe #323

where the man eaters roam

some popsinger

a perfect amalgam

gee what a hairdo

fingers strummin’ the cosmic lute

oh his voice of pure gold

spun silver his songs

in the age of  grand allusions

when the boulevardes shook with leaves

in the garden of fonzie cortini

even here the rothschildes hold sway

323 consecutive moves away from us

along any parallel you are destined to choose

there are many choices

but the choice can only ever be the one

that you would choose

so you thematically arc away from here

you pass through actually nothing

you just take a sharp step

coz this is where all the boogie woogie is leaking from

i accidentally found a place where this is possible

a cave on the coastline

it leads to #323

when the sky is a mirror

when the sea is very calm

when the air is full of romantic dreams

crackling with frission

and the people here are so lovely

same old same old but different

the men are stronger they live longer

the women are sweeter, peter

i bet ya like ta meter

the children more innocent

the ancients more wise

the pink sun sets in the south

i wandered into this place it was afternoon

a different afternoon for sure i mean not a today

it was always a yesterday there

a dreamy glowing special effected yesterday

you could feel it was all past

like a fine but faded tapestry

we move through rapid gaps

the evening overlaps

and the music here unearthly

tho this is still earth

still orbiting around 4/4

the clouds above us the waters below

a flood of information

direct injected music

beating inside like a second heart

smooth as a dolphins fluke

a summer storm gathers at sounds frontiers

a layer of acoustic guitar a martin sheen

the young popsinger could be anyone

he leans into an etheric mic

he sings the words you want to hear

fairy dust encrusted

babys been busted

my oh my oh my oh my

fairy floss embossed

ooh my salads all been tossed

oh my oh my oh my oh my

now i’m going down to joppa

tying on a whopper

nobody could ever fucking stop her

oh my oh my oh my

doesnt sound much on paper does it

the download is almost painfree

my synapses bulge

the neutrinos spark

the helices expand

the music is sentient

it says whatever you want

the words change for every nerve

the nerves change for every word

a lovely night has arrived all purple with yellow lights

an almost full moon soon ascends the ends of this earth

the lamp of love above

music flows along pathways unseen

music arousing you tempting you

oh babe shadow sister hardly ever kissed her

those voices singing in unison

unison #323

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