posted on June 30, 2013 at 8:28 pm

all man is dark and deceitful



pulled hither and wither by the winds of opportunity

his senses all confused

his eyes and ears fail him

the familiar suddenly strange

in the moment that went that he was in

the darkness of fear and stupidity

his own furtive shorting mind

the sludge of a million years

the attributes of beasts and stone

between the selves a thin brittle veneer

cracked and strained and crumbled and shattered

in narcissistic holes that take you down

the shell shock terrain of fried brain

nothing numbing it now

it calls out for something in the blackness

it calls out for something to distract it from itself

it cries incessantly like a kid driving you mad

it taps on your door as youre falling asleep

waking up there is no one there

unknown unto themselves everyone else sleeps

the unfeeling rain belts down outside

miasma of damp and mildew and rust

the night has little pity for anything

it is only the absence of sunlight after all

all regrets and no remorse the night and its crocodile tears

only a fool can know these things he must be mad to think it

a man is undone by himself and usually no one else comes close

a man is just a man

no justice man

only karma which remains inexorable

and hidden





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