posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:22 pm
oranges is lemons

oranges in lemons

a poet i hallucinate words

a mystic therefore i get glimpses of good

a fool that is why i talk to the sea

a man but first a human

spirit in flame  never burning

layman i lay out your memory

player i play for your love

singer a bringer of a sad song

maker make of it what you will kilbey

a fuckwit meddling in the puddle

prophet in the margins between column spaces

soother the holiday man and the crooner

a soul trapped in this body i crave and fear release

region a grey area a season in some heaven

insignificant which is why ive beaten my own drum

so fucking humble oh hear me shout it

so funny almost make myself say ha ha ha

vicious fox dog and i growl in my muzzle

a liquidator of luxury sweets

mover of mountains unseen in some cloud

every black cat go on pretend it is me

an echo on the line lets you hear yourselves again a second time

builder  executing labyrinthine grotesque and uneven lines

an architect who designs the invisible that will never be seen

napoleon in my front tiered room i have conquered 2 chairs

am noah on this sea of existence carrying with him a much reduced zoo

nemesis dawn in opal vienna i carve and i carry and i swerve and i sway

hopkins himself i have come back to work thru this medium rare

stone alone on a hillside singing a silence song

present when beasts materialise they must think i’m matter

so this while it lasts and then must on to next thing

i never stop i hurtle headlong blurting something

i am an ordinary joe

i’ll be blowed if it isnt good

by tomorrow


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