posted on April 15, 2008 at 4:31 am

the time being with all his paper
the daughters of time using up the future
pierced in the side by his own arrows
loved by his devotees
scorned by the dull carnivorous ninnies
somehow attracted to him
hurling abuse and malice
prompted by their misunderstood love for him
nevertheless they read and read on
and they listen to the music
and they grow deceitful and envious
threatening him
parading their inanities
why not give in to the great love
they hold for this man
this man they secretly worship so much
they feel compelled and driven
to contradict and mock his sage words
oh sad day for ninnies…
if they really didnt love him
they would leave
yet they remain
trying to think of new ways to needle
this saintly man
this handsome clever man
player of many instruments
writer of music and words
this kindly olde fellow
this venerable and veritable king
his message is not for everyone

to my dearest ones around the world i now say this
i appreciate your deep love
know now that it is reciprocated a hundredfold
it saddens me to see you desert my side
yet if that truly be your path
then go forward in good stead
also know this
i have been a fool
to attack the idiocies spouted by the ninnies
i should never have got involved
i will no longer comment on my comments
i am permanently disabling anons
i can no longer suffer their impudence
and for a while
my blogges will be written
in a sense of isolation
as i ponder my own follies
and those of the general hoi polloi

dont lose heart
time will prevail over all
try another life

st steven
wounded by love
wounded by hatred
the holy city of bondi, many leagues hence
54 tbe

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