posted on September 22, 2007 at 8:28 am

imagine the pleasurefield
with all its gratifications
see the dipping edge of wish
carved from pearl and silver
whipping it distantly
burrowing in the earth
or billowing through the ether
or breaking into sound on a silent world
yes you
imagine the pleasurefield
as it tumbles inside there
and the raving mad god who bestrides its interior
a shower of stardusted rusted up midnight spare parts
in your rooms by the harbour
where you entertained the ambassador
along the seablack wharf with its sickly lapping
the mangey gulls alight on rotting poles
and waiters running back n forth in their vanity
and the people attack their food with lust
and i envy them their appetite
but too slothful to eat
the ambassador relishes his gluttony as he devours you
it makes me so angry to watch
his pride stains the floorboards open
7 times 7 his deadlies
man you fractured ivory coast
imagine the pleasurefield
with its cardinal scams
and its out of work actresses
unlaughing after having scene
the size of your determination
think of all the free drugs
that theyll give you as soon as you get clean
think of all the sex once youre celibate
think of how as soon as it all stops
how something else immediately starts again
as good as you can ever be
someone says oh thats too bad
someone else says oh its saturday night here
you know im at a party
and its warm and some people jump in the pool
i didnt realize that the stuff would make me feel like this
i see some man dancing with his wife
but in his eyes he looks like the devil
it occurs to us that the devil is among us
in denim and board shorts and driving a ute
wow thats so cool you say as we leave the place
wow i wonder who he knew there you say
wow he looked like a guy who knew his way around town
down by the rocks in the darkness
you fumble with my black velvet shirt
youve lost me in the darkness
and youre undoing the past
the rocks are slippery and green
and the ambassador lights his pipe
the air fills with the acrid smell of the stuff
diplomatic immunity he grins n exhales
the police are out there watching us all im sure
he gestures towards the ocean
out there doing their job
he points towards the lowered sky
or up there chasing villains
a childs sandcastle collapses
and the crabs jump out of their shells
the worms in their sandy holes with tiny legs
the suctions of their greediness
the swift silver mackerel who swallows the hook
as i tear it from its throat
it stares up at me
absolving me of all my murderous guilt
i realise we’re on a boat
and i lurch to the rails
as the white wake rushes past
and i fall into the foam
and surface in a lagoon in shadow
wandering to a house
the reeds jostle each other crackling and moaning
the blooms are all there too
big blooms and little daisy
and the woods with their small offspring
and the stones who came especially
and the waters from rainy sydney
the fields from around here
salt and pepper of the eartha
ritual for no reason
enveloping haze of marine evening
serener pastures
the orchestra swells up
is this the end?

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