posted on November 3, 2007 at 4:52 am

oh there are no accidents
or are there?
this is all the truth
and the truth is there may be lies
maybe lies
the truth is a bendable thing
it can move and yet remain firm
you see when you can grasp a paradox
firmly by its opposites
and it can sit in your mind no worries
when you say yes or no or perhaps
no you say all three
absolute what
we are connected on countless levels
we only have but to call on our connections
but who can see them all?
what you intend
your intentions and intent
creator destroyer manipulater
become yourself right now
you are so damn powerful
you have every resource at your tingerfips
you are not alone in a world of loneliness
you are something wonderful
you are contained within our dream like us all
and the stars have spawned you
electric flesh
god given ass
opposable thumbs
observing ourselves
we cant create worlds we create music
succulent music voluptuous music
i sang to you
is that why you are here?
you are right to think you know me
though stranger i am
you know everybody you know everything
human being in your waterproof skin
with your brain firing firing firing
with your memories and your elusive thoughts
with your language to describe it all
with your immune system and your driving license
become yourself i say again
do what it is you want to do
your ancestors spoke with god
show mercy to the merciless
your descendants must walk the unknown
grant wishes if they be in your power
perspectives must change with death
you have misunderstood some information
you have been filled with facts and figurines
you have been fed cases unsolvable
take what you need
give it back to em in spades
dont hesitate to be lost
youll find more out that way
rail against laughable injustices
disbelieve authority at least half the time
imitate christ
for as long as you can
i bet you cant make even 5 minutes
eat cleanly
you are what you eat how could that not be?
dont turn back unless you are going the wrong way
stand fast and full stop
pray for your prey
take responsibility for your blood shed
honour the dead
revere the living
dont listen to me
if they offer you money take it
if they dont trust you
trust me, its alright
as ttb says
continue to look for the marvellous in the mundane
demand quality and sometimes youll even get it
be patient like a tree
rely on your heart
tune out the chatter
exclude the bullshit
refrain from mindless thinking
go on
and extend yourself
and say to me
metaphysician, heal thyself!!

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