posted on August 18, 2010 at 8:30 pm

hey you look so pale


everyone arguing over deckchairs on the titanic

mineral vegetal beast man devil god

this wild world whirling outside my sad room

inner world of memory

outer world of perception

in here out there

cant fight inevitability anymore

yeah someone says let it all go

oh what a beautiful feeling yes to let it all go

all of it the whole fucking she-bang

money drugs women music flesh n blood

success n failure land n sea

good n evil even

friend n foe let em go

furniture cars clothes machines schedules position

what will it avail thee?

the void you cant avoid

go to it empty handed

this anger that pervades my life..where does it live…?

in my head, in my heart, between my bones and skin…

i feed it n water it everytime i react

it grows round my soul strangulatin’ it

like a wheel clamp like handcuffs like the paddywagon

anyone can turn on ya

anyone can turn ya on

this is a bizarre world/life/ time

anything can happen as we approach year dot

no role is fixed

villains we finally see as heroes

heroes who fucked us over but good

kilbey youre obsessed by these paradoxes

intentions were good but results were bad

a selfish thing accidentally helps many

that fine line between X n Y

what am i saying? i dunno

just raving on a bit

trying to talk it all through

today i feel resilient n resolved

if i dont know right from wrong by now i never will

if i do the right thing n still get wrong results then i wont be the first

or the last

all those horses i led to water n none of em are fucking drinking

i tried to make em and i got angry they wouldnt touch a drop

the angrier i got the thirstier the horse

the thirstier the horse the angrier i got

it was a vicious little circle like a whirlwind sucking me in

boy tho its hard to let things go

easy to say hard to do

let it all go

the years the good n lean years all the inbetween years

still let it all go

release : open your hands n heart and let it all fall out

loneliness scares the hell out me…..why…?

let loneliness go

let happiness go

let youth and pleasure go

let age and pain go

if you let everything go then what is left?

ah well thats the one thing they cant take away from you, isnt it?

whatever remains after all the extras are deducted

your personality your psyche your ego n your id

your dreams and your schemes, yeah especially let em go

who is this advice for…..? just me

when i’m panicking when i’m hurting again

i gotta remember to let it go

when i’m celebrating when i’m soaring up high

baby still even more so in spades n then some

dont hold on to nothing no more

not time not space not men not women

let it flow through us

allow it to pass

transcend n mend n bend in that wind

think of jesus n krsna n johnny lennon

think of england if you like

think of whatll happen if you dont let go

and thats about it

i guess

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