posted on September 30, 2009 at 6:25 am

rocknroll mystic in mixdown mixup
i unplugged with a huge crash
i slashed at the chords like i was trying to get free
waiting only for my boots to be healed and wondering
i appeared on tv shows in the ninety sixties
rocking in black n white behind the scenes at airports
like a red carpet leopard messiah
a flash of solid chrome and there i go
i conjure up the spirit of rocknroll from some stygian pit
it slumps at the controls knocked out by pink radiation
because rock is freedom and freedom is so sweet
and i wanna be free
free at last
free to be me
free like the distant mountains
i turn to my guitar
i strap it on with my phantom limbs
i cruise onstage with my gang o’ ghosts
we knock out some heavenly racket under hellish conditions
we filter the thumbnails
we decode the mysterious vedas
we vogue vaguely
we rock to the eastern edge
we sway too close to the sun
we get so drunk and we burn up upon readmission
i sing up a storm and i veto the vacuum
i straddle my cut up drums and i beat outta time
i bash at the kit
the cymbals scream in my ears
the hats sizzle unbearably
the bass drum explodes in my guts
the snare shoots my head with yellow light
i stumble round the toms like an intoxicanto
man i mumble me words like a jumbled crumble
crotchets n quavers come flying past
on the tour bus in some murky reverie
a proto -me rides into dallas
laughing like a lunatic
because ive flattened some 7ths
the golden age of rocknroll will never die
my blisters are working on their solo album
my sore throat sounds good after a good shriek
my silver tonsils lie still beating in the doctor/priest/critics hand
ive gone mad
ive been rediscovered
ive been insulted and unsalted and uninsulated too
i chuck some words into the empty bars
strap on my headphones
which blasts pasts i never lived
your good with words says some mute thing
i pound in my pond with my fond wand fondling the fifths
i’m a frogman underwater with my rubbery bass
my surf guitar is all fractions and free
dont tell me how to rock
i was rocking on the steppes during the ice age
i played electric guitar before the big banger banged his gong
i was born to die and my rock turn to dust
in my brief candle flare
i seize my trusty axe
i turn up my amp to 13
i bestride the stage like a behemoth
the sound starts up and we advance
across poland across russia
we crush audiences underfoot
we swing into santa fe
and i get shot in the side
we blow up the marshall and we hit the horizon
in helsinki i harpoon the moon
in march i walk under the arch
in summertime
i sit by the ocean sifting sand
and the mermaids go ooh ooh in the warm evening air
i sit alone in a fibro shack drinking black tea
unrecognizable even to himself
the radio comes on
judy in disguise with diamonds
oh man its its its….the name eludes me
jehovah plays guitar and jams with krishnas flute
jesus plays his sunburst jazz n he smokes his sundried jazz
his panther growls
and judas picks up the sax
the vikings arrive roaring a slade song
the romans are singing boom boom boom lets go up to my room
the greeks are singing dont cry for me alexander
alexander says great…just great
the vandals n the huns…well you know about them, dont ya
in nineveh theyre singing …nineveh, natch
in babylon theyre singing some velvet morning when i wake
in judea theyre singing are you ready for the country
in jericho theyre singing but no horns please
music must be powerful says joshua
i’m comfortably numb says rog a’waters
on a trip to cirrus minor
pompeii rocks too
rocks too hard for its own good
some new act called Volcano blew the roof off that town
the new single “i need a lava ” is hot
atlantis has sunk down the charts
here we go
the ancient world
man how they rocked
you know they did
cos i was there
and i tell you
verily baby people have always rocked
the moor on his camel
the hussar on his whore
the barbarian on his rampage
the ju ju on his pilgrimage
the hoodoo voodoo mu mu deep in the jingling jungle
what the fuck!
god gave rock n roll to adam n eve in the garden of gilgamesh
he said rock shall be thy flesh
he trembled for a moment n unleashed a distorted am 7 chord
the band started up
the credits begin to roll
the producers sigh with relief
the japanese investors are unsure still
the limo departs and joe rockstar snorts some coke
n fondles his porn star chica
the cops load their guns
the crims swarm outta the underworld
the ladies of the night swoon
the earth erupts in rhythmic blues
we chop down the last quarter acre of rainforest
we look up at the calendar its dec 21 2012
well well
five minutes more to go
might as well rock then
might as well rock

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