posted on May 26, 2015 at 8:22 pm
sugar hit

sugar hit

hey groovers

its the big boy here

tomorrow i travel to barcelona

to play at prima vera festival with my band the church

then we are doing cologne (the city not the stuff)

and amsterdam, belgium, paris and brighton and london

then i will having a short stay in sweden

its e and m’s 24th birthday on the 7th of june

and i’m having a week off in Stockholm

doing nothing at all except yoga and relaxing and catching up with friends

maybe i will even get to the country

in the meantime i have been scoring macbeth 1040

which i am pretty pleased with

my friend george ellis the conductor and arranger

said that my soundtrack work is the best thing i can do

and hes probably right

at least for a movie like this where the music is weird

i can certainly drum up weird dark music

meanwhile still

a new(ish) project called

Vela Velox; The Speed of the Stars

is falling together

this is the one begun so long ago with frank kearns the irish guitarist

he was out last month and mixed 2 thirds of the album out at rancom st studio

with ted howard who had a big input on further/deeper and el momento albums

this is definitely shaping up to be the best lyrics and singing ive ever done

i finally got the mixture right here on this still slightly unfinished record

i need to write and sing some more

but the first batch was so good its a little daunting to keep up the standard

i am really so happy with this record

its hard to describe it

organic lush warm open soothing spiritual celtic influenced

something about franks playing and his sound invokes ancient ireland

far beyond guinness and leprechauns

the mood here is gentle transcendence with small details and subtle fleeting moods

the guitar is unusually orchestral

sometimes i cant figure out what is doing what

i play bass and piano

and wayne from cactus is the mighty walloping drummer!

as well as that ive been  writing lyrics for an australian singer

for an album which’ll come out sometime late this year i guess

so thats it

when i get back to australia then its the blurred crusade further deeper tour

which is actually selling very well in most places

i would hate you to miss out (oh god listen to me!)

see ya in europe soon!


coogee nsw 2034



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