posted on December 11, 2013 at 12:37 pm
the realest world we have

the realest world we have

hello and welcome

i have a lot of stuff still on the boil

songs from the real world is now out and its pretty good

maybe not quite as good consistently as a real kil/ken record but close

it does contain a few standout tracks however

which would not be outta place on the real deal

tracks like naomi and maya

and “my one”

a lovely power ballad for david and ginas wedding

i dont believe anyone has ever done a record like this before

i’d be interested to see what you thought of our commissions

although martin and i are both artists and dream up our own stuff prolifically

we both enjoy being artisans and using our experience to write specific songs as directed

this has always been one of the functions of art : to do what somebody else asks you to do

like mikey angelo painting the sistine chapel and stuff like that

you pay us to write you a song

martin and i take your request and we actualise your wish

some of our songs moved their new owners to (good) tears

here you can hear us plying our trade with love and care and flair (but not flares)

we have songs about children whove lost a parent

we have songs about lakes eternities and theology

we have songs about cafes and wives and daughters and friends

and even one brand newey just for the hell of it

martin had a track he’d kinda forgotten about

and i insisted he dig it up and lemme do something on it

its the last track. i kinda dig it

its like a dylan track off street legal or something

good on us! who else is doing tracks that sound like street legal ?

(thats a dylan album for the philly steins out there)

so look naturally i recommend it

and it was actually me who nagged MK to release it

so happy am i with most of it

i wanted you all to hear it…

next up i am playing my last shows of the year on my own

one in canberra at smiths bookshop

this will be a return where i have my voice intact

and my guitar strung prop’ly

i will trying some new material and plenty of old

i will be reading the funny bits from my book

there are some funny bits in my book that people enjoy hearing

the bits about me on tour told in a schizo kinda way

tales of the zigger jacket etc

(what the fuck is a zigger jacket anyway? )

there will be rambling misty eyed reminiscing about the AC fucking T

and how its dullness fostered my scintillating genius

that every current canberran ninny is just dying to hear ha ha

so there i am me and me book and me guild 12 in smiths book shop

itll be all yer christmas wishes come true if youre an atheist

bah humbug and have a merry whatsit canberra cos i’m a coming sunday night baby

15 dec riding in my gold falcon sleigh with bells on

then the 17th up in troppo brizzie

i will be appearing at lefties old time music hall

once a joint of salubrious notoriety now a lovely old gig

bringing back misty memories of seeing vanessa the undresser there in 1857

during the gold record rush

jesus old vanessa’d be getting on these days ……(sigh!)

anyway there are rumours of a few guests coming along to help out

so fingers crossed that will come to pass

please come to lefties all you Qlders

i’ll have merch n everyfing for late chrispy presents… perhaps for an enemy

its gonna be a great gig i promise you that and thats a promise i may keep

tickets are selling pretty good to that so make sure i dont miss out

(on selling more)

gee this advertising malarky is a cinch for me isnt it?

meanwhile ive been doing Rock Wiz all round the place

hobnobbing with old guard of Doc Neeson and Mark Gable

or hanging with the new kids like Nick from Deep Sea Arcade

or Izzi from the Preatures

you can be sure i am my usual grumpy boring tired self

Docs tales of being on a troop carrier plane in the middle east

and of heat seeking missiles locking on

and the pilots aerial acrobatics to throw it off

should have but did not calm my shakey nerves as we came into adelaide

however i very much appreciated him and Mr Gable being my wingmen

when i needed to have a desperate wee wee during a traffic jam in melbourne

they were taking the  attention from me you see and were creating a diversion

mark also took some pictures of me i believe (unbelievably enuff!!)

go to and price on application i understand

meanwhile i work on bits n pieces

and listening to new church album so far which is undeniably good

ha ha

love on each n every one of you







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