posted on June 11, 2007 at 3:34 am

was gonna write something goode for a change
but i thought nah
i’ll just givem more of the same olde tripe
the olde guff and baloney
the meaningless dribble couched in embarrassing 4th form poetry
the pseudo oriental poppycock
half digested buddhist hippy nonsense
the bragging and whining
the “oh poor me but arent i great”?
you know
(groaning fiendss:yeah we know)
all that rambling vague bullshit about the sea n the sky
all that rose tinted schmaltzy nostalgiarama
about bass playing or painting…puh-leeze..
yeah yeah
ah whatever….
all that stuff
all that jive
all that whatchamacallit
yeah you got it now
slapdash impressionistic hoo ha
i mean real slapdash impressionistic hoo ha
and sillie spellingz or archaic words like lute
or family schmamily yawn it ups
all the kids with cute nicknames like
and jumper
a loopy olde guy in the daddy bizness
with five fiery fillies
starring ttb as nevets yeblik
this week
hilarity ensues as aussie surfer kids
drop round to date the twillies
yeblik is not handling the prospective suitors well
and baby jumper has just learned her first swear word
then the twillies switch identities to avoid being grounded
meanwhile yeblik is speaking at a prose festival
and the the doodles have doodled all over his prose
one of the doodles fish has babies…
one that the doodles had considered a boy
in a heartwarming and yet ribticklin’ funny scene
yeblik gives the doodles a talk about the birds n bees n…fish
baby jumper swallows the twillies nano
nk starts to pronounce tomato as tomahto
until her dad arrives from u.s.
doodles get a pet rabbit which gets caught in dishwasher
and a visit to vet (cameo by russell crowe)
today ive had hummous n tomato bagels
and tacquitos with guac
some sweets
fiji water
walked along the beach
storm has abated
will write

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