posted on May 3, 2013 at 9:34 pm
strict deadline

strict deadline

i wish you led my life

promise me you will one day!

a coastline you may endure

a trip to end of line

we live in lovely time

rising and falling and rising again

every gorgeous morning lucky over and over

the dawn is welcomed by the masts of tallest ships

on mysterious horizons over fathoms of brine

the rosiest dawn of all unclothed in her innocence

exotic birds we have never heard

we move back still in camera but focus pulling away

we open doors and let out the entities within

we walk into freshly painted rooms still smelling of the sea

a garden apartment near all amenities

in garden beds my rain has fallen

in garden paths my steady tread foot upon inch

winding up in the spare room wilderness upon the stairs

we emptied the cake of icing

we imagine a room with love

and the tawdry bits were like a scripture unto me

how the holiest honey mixes with the dirtiest wine

nevertheless morning arrives with all responsibilities

bring on the voices calling our names

bring on the fingers dialling the numbers

bring on disinformation all jumbled and muddled

we flee from the sea

and once on the land

we grow bills and problems and great webbed lies

we turn into creatures at once blessed and forbidden

with our fortunate disguise become loathsome to touch

we line up in queues to enter the city

avenues of palms and mirrors and stone

we disperse within crowds and mingle quiet as cactuses

we trim the dim shambles and cascade into jobs

some of us hammer the golden elastic thimble for royal occasion

some of us wean the flowers from sunlight and earth

some of us glean the meanings of moon madness

that drives man to seam

how we bursting out of our dream

some of us tong the great clock of eternity with clappers of stick

we attend the university of nonchalant (sic)

in all of the languages that can be taught real quickly and thick

april is gone now her branches lie crushed

her mantras are unspoken now on mays velvet breast

on mays sleek cold back go rushing like fever

in mays solemn kiss that taste of winter smoke

in mays fragile hands the stiffening buds of dope

in mays orphaning gaze

the stare goes on for days

we align with scope intact

in the middle of next week in fact

our records indicate your speeding soul upon imprint

the delay you expected was indefinitely permanent

the harlequin in thin memory

columbine of my interior territory

this travesty of world contains traces of cocaine oil

this crime you were assessed for paid for in jail or mail order

our people unite in their differences to form one great snake

we writhe up the trees to the stars until the limbs break

we wracked and ruined upon the glowing bones of the truth

we sacked and crashed on the ash of black monday

citadels emptied of tributes

the candles unburned as if apollo himself feels personally spurned

i turned this whole thing around with a sound

my thoughts too big for my head

my head too late to catch on


the shock when the ride suddenly ends







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