posted on February 2, 2006 at 11:32 pm

no matter which way you look at it
its a strange whirled world
sometimes it holds ya so close to its bosom
sometimes it mocks ya and rears up
blows up in your face
im not thinking of anything particular
just that its one of those warm drizzly days
the sea mist and the light rain merge
a few surfers out in the flat ocean
the has beens and the wanna bees
jog past each other..
up and down
vishnu waiting so patiently
in every things heart of hearts
universes come and go
thats right baybee
its all so kozmic…
but its in the largest
the smallest things alike
all of us moving towards
its an obstacle course out there
dont try to re arrange the obstacles
dont try and remove em
i think theyre sposed to be there
if you stop to fuck with them
or if you stop because theyre just too much
then you wont get to the end of the course
and graduate up the ranks
maybe next life you could come back
as a basse playin’ poetry spittin’
bloggin’ from the hip olde genius
but youd have have a lotta merit
for something like that
you could be born in india
to a wealthy brahmin family
and grow up in the arms of krishna
you may be back
as the first black female president of
the USA
and after 4 years
the whole fuckin worlde is
lovin’ america again
or maybe,baybe
you get outta this system
you go out there
new obstacles
new powers to overcome
the new obstacles
we gonna sit at gods table you and i
or we gonna be a joyous particle in gods glorious effulgence
cmon ,this aint all for nothin’
i believe in you
you gotta try and see
from the perspective
of eternity
try to love everyone
its impossible
its still impossible
how about now
maybe a tiny bit easier
dont blame the transmission
if yer antennas broken
dont blame a river
if it dont run up a hill for ya
what can you do?
well rockn roll of course
go out and watch the intereaction of bee and flower
the love connexion like magnetism
listen to what other people say
speak kindly to your baby
and beat him when he sneezes..
what the hell
who am i to dish out
all this cosmick advice
im just a bloke
in a flannelette shirt
in 2006
in a cafe
in a rainy street
guy next to me talkin french
the fans on the ceiling
silently revolving
the cars outside hiss thru
the liquid streets
i hanker for union
unified field
united we stand
league of nations
humanity total vegetarian
to eat meat will bring same horror
as canniblism
to slaughter animals as abhorrent
as the slaughter of people
these things will come to pass
or maybe not
im divided
we all are
hows this for a classic
ye olde ramble?
sorry if i have detained ya
from yer appointed rounds
and still not given ya a punchline
something definitive
an aphorism you could refute or rebuke
in the end words dont matter
it wont matter that i am
the hands down truly ruly
best lyricist extant on this earth
at this point in thyme
my incredible use of allusion
my ambiguous similes and arcane adjectives
will avail me but little
when i shuck off my handsome mortal coyle
when you and i
sit at the big guys table
eating guacamole
with BLUE corn chips
i love you my friendly friends and fiendss

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