posted on February 14, 2008 at 12:51 am

tiny flowers
and other small vegetal parts
were suspended in the sea
dancing between the waves and the cream coloured sand
all moving with the motion of the ocean
little bits of leaves and seaweed all playing their parts
everything exactly where it should be
doing as it must
transparent fish glide through the plant matter
and golden particles
the soft sun so gently penetrates the shallow waters
its fingers enter the sea to warm her slowly
sun rays
sea rays
the morning is hallowed holy
it stretches on forever in all in both directions
engulfing every other feb 14
the water of the sea is like marine green glass
she reflects the sun in her warm dazzle
above the zephyrs play
bringing the scent of musk and lavender and attar
bringing the words of song and prayer and oath
bringing the touch of mist and pine and snow
and the women sing
and the women sing
and the women sing
they knockout the inevitable greek chorus
about loves victories over men
the destiny of the great conquerors and the vanquished
the fops in their tat
the muscle boys in arenas with scars
all knocked out by love
the mighty kings
but its just to put things in perspective
because the morning is still intact
a little cloudy but still very warm i guess
and the lovely one is bathing in the sea
in the sea from where she was born whole
like a painting
like love personified then deified
moving with such graceful grace
moving through the water
so easily so smoothly
naked and china white
long hair with glints of all colours
small breasts so delicate and smooth like fruit
your hips flare out as if designed by a artist
your mysterious loins concealed by the waves
your strong white back
as you swim away
away away away
and the women sing a second chorus
about sunsets colour of blood
mornings sobering remorse
worlds deep grief
moons old sorrow
and the zephyrs play
beings in the sky celebrate
dropping more flowers and granting any wishes
everyone loves love
and the absolute mistress of love
demanding the golden apple above wisdom and power
for how many kings look for wise or powerful queens…?
they all seek love love love
oh ho ha ha see love evaporate
see love get used up
see love run out and tossed aside
see love a shadow of its former self
see love a burnt acrid powdery residue
see love a slimy rubber
see love a distant blur
see love a mad blot
see love a fading memory
you see love temporary fickle monstrous lustful engorged
love battered and butchering triumphant and torn
but not here on loves strand
in a honeymoon haze
the lovely one dips and dabbles in the aquamarine scene
of sky and sea
cloudy and warm
a soft lovely light
cythera her home
in the arms of the waters
flowers all falling softly like ashes
the gods of the winds and their female companions
hair streaming back as they adore in full flight
only the most caressing gentle warmest warm breezes
colourful fish swim around her shapely ankles and toes
her tatoos of fish and stars and flowers
her wonderful small bruises
all appear to worship love
love love love
loves day
day of love
all day
love every day
love every day

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