posted on August 15, 2006 at 10:53 pm

wake up again
oh muse….
i was having a lovely dream
oh a creamy dreamy dream
oh i was the time being
i was a bigtime blogger
hurtling up the charts
i was playing a fender bass
i was fiddling about with pastels
i was swimming in a cold green pool
i was travelling down an endless highway at dawn
i was walking in the empty places
i was blinking in the neon
i had a load of kids
all girls
2 sets of twins
i go all these places
people come up to me
i sign cds
i put this plastic card in here n money comes out
i check in n out of rehabs n hotels
i get addicted to everything i touch
i long for a never ending stream of yesterdays
i play popol vuh on an ipod
i steam the creases out of my pants
i buy sox
i run out of things
i stand outside and talk to the bellman
i hang around where its desolate n read the tattered newspapers
i walk down railroad tracks n watch the buckle in the rail
i get born
i rush towards death
i meet my little sister
i undo what i have done
i am unmade when i make it
i lie in darknesses n writhe in insomnia
i gravitate to dust n ash
i give in n i give up
i write these songs about almost nothing
i blab on about myself
narcissus someone calls out
childhood exit stage left
auroras missing tooth
ellis cyst
minnas broken arms
evies stitches
my ears ring on
my eyes fade off
my imagination has gone haywire
everything ive ever done or said or sang
leading up to this moment
with you
and now
its gone
hasta la vista

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