posted on February 24, 2010 at 5:49 am

somedays i feel there is nothing left to write
you know it all
you know me through n through dont you
you read about how i single handedly saved rocknroll
but as i was about to claim my rewards
some strange quirk undid me
i was robbed
if only if only if only
if only once
i sold my lies to you and charged you for poetry
who me….nah….i never done any of that stuff i said
wrestling boas in some mayan jungle…who me….?
i been sitting here all along
look i never ever left canberra
i just made it all up what i wanted
and somehow you the audience came to life
with lives you imagine youre having
look theres nothing out there but a soft quiet afternoon
the house is empty and mercifully silent
i alone with me
all of us sitting here
on the other end of some computer
the real steve kilbey died in a horrific crash
they have a contest to replace him
you dont see him for a while
suddenly they bring on this new geezer
a spritely old coot bearing little resemblance
to his supposed former self
suddenly there he is everywhere
with his white beard n floaty hair
whatever happened to the real guy?
he must of written loads of po before he go, you kno?
i mean thats the stuff theyre dishing out now kilbos old stuff
i mean i’m saying i’m not him
it was a different man etc
even tho those are not my words or anybodys
kilbey was a construct designed by engineers
but they got the ratios wrong
too much malarkey not enough “oooh mama its satday nite!’
anyway i must be raving on again
i’m glad they let me use this ancient computer once a week
in here
in my tower where i am imprisoned within my own life
i never did yoga
i never wrote songs
i never smoked dope
i never even kissed a girl
i’m a doctored photo
i’m a whole pack of lies for a poker hand
i’m a guess at what a real kilbey may say
things are going wrong up here
sometimes they forget to feed me
sometimes they forget to lock me up
and i wander freely through the cities of these worlds
but like all cagey birds i cant fend for myself
i need my keepers to feed me
i need their assent
i need the stern hand of the system to guide me
i need my 3 square meals and my 2 round abouts
ha ha ha
whatever it is it aint gonna happen here
typey typey typey
should do something used full

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