posted on August 16, 2008 at 9:22 pm

i am the delver
i am the toucher
i am moving thru the night
you dont see me but you feel me
i am a hard bastard
im hard like steal
im hard like winning
im hard like diamond bay
i am an unrelenting machine
rolling over the lands cape
i am the insinuator
in sin you ate her
wine drinker
night rider
dream lover
i unravel
i measure
i cut
i look and i see
i take baby
oh i take
but i give and i give
i give no quarter
i give examples
i give you twenty minutes minimum
oh i am kind to be cruel
oh i am a man
the best and the worst
i am the thinking mans man
an educated brute
destroyer of naive virtue
i am undiminished
i am mojo n uncut
i am dark and thirsty
i know how to make my move
i break all the rules
i have two turns at once
i always roll double six
double six
double six
i am a black knight
moving down the white queens diagonal
i am a feather legged joker
trumping your fucking ace
i am the father
i am the masculine form
i am firming up the deal
i buy futures
and i have no present
i am the hoarse whisperer
i am the husky throated love song singer
i handle everything
i squeeze all the fruit
i finger all the strings
i pull out all the stops
i leave no turn unstoned
i am never drunk
i am never soft
i am never lost for words
i am never shy
i am never tepid or insipid
i am yang….bang!
i am loki… i love my mischief
as a metal i am mercury
as a number i am 13
as an animal i am panther
in music i am bass clef
in colour i am cobalt blue
as a drug i am nepenthe
as a car i am a banged up mustang that overheats
as a master i am pitiless
as a slave i am rebellious
as a worker i am useless
as a waiter i am impatience
as a conspirator i am ruthless
as an optimist i am hopeless
as an animal i’m quite human
as a saint i’m ridiculous
as a sinner i’m quite good
i’m back with 2 beasts
i’m the most in the least
i am no ordinary man
no jim jim
i am everyman everyday everywhere
one foot in the grave
one foot in my shoe
one foot ahead of the other
when the world sleeps i am awake
plotting my course
plowing my furrow
sifting thru the options
detaching from this plane
i make two wrongs maker write
i memorize the clouds
i stretch into the stars
you can say what you like
you can do as you think fit
i dont care
i go down to the bottom
i go up to the top
i survive
i prevail
i struggle
i am defeated
i resurface
i reconsider
i adjust
i adapt
i attack i release i sustain i decay
ive seen it all
i noticed
i got mentioned
i was there
so long ago
you were just a child but i was there all the same
when you were learning how to tie your choose
i was out there somewhere
delivering the bizness
saving the universe from the eighties
writing the wrong song
my fabrics dont shrink or stretch
my dish has not decayed despite 2 decades
i always knew what i was doing even when i was lost
even when i was lost i never foundered
even when i foundered i was always fine
even what i borrowed became mine
i sing my own praises
i blow my own trumpet
i pat myself on the back
i gotta hand it to me
i got shake my hand
and i gotta shake my head
and i gotta getta move on
i gotta get it right
just for once
look at me raving on to you
i’m this
i’m that
oh you know that its true
i’m down on my luck
but i’m still in the ring
i’m a lover and a fighter
i’m a negotiator too
and a humane shield
and a renaissance man sipping soy rococo
i am sir stephen in the storey of oh!
i am a cool breeze on a stifling night
i am the voice of unreason
i am the intemperate one
i am the experimenter
i am the man within a child
i am the man within a woman
i am the oak inside the acorn
i am the acorn inside the earth
i am the earth within cold space
i am charged
i am positive
i am plus
i am on
i am
i am
i am
i am outbound

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