posted on May 3, 2009 at 9:20 pm

did vegan expo yessaday
petersham town hall
petersham…its like another city altogether
was feeling a bit hungover after big fri n sat nights
but was nice to drive across syd on sunny sunday afternoon
(sans kidds)
god sydney is a big place
what a beautiful beautiful city
the harbour with its yachts
the winding boulevards
the cafes and people
nice to just sit in a cab and look at it all
after a while we come to petersham
go in town hall
about 3 hundred people milling about
gee theres some delicious food there
i have some gluten thingies on a stick with peanut sauce
i have one of lorens delicious wonder burgers
ooh i hate those dry crumbly veggie burgers
a veggie burger n chips is one of my faves
so i’m a bit of an expert
lorens wonderburgers are the rreal deal
mmm…juicy chewy n everything
i do my gig
whoever the guy on before me was
he blue me off stage
some dr some bigwig in the vegan circles
i play to a smallish disinterested crowd
i am unconvincing as speaker or player
the force is just not with me
its a bright noisy townhall
full of people buying vegan socks or whatever
i just cant turn on any magic
when i come offstage
some little idiot is following my wife around
muttering things like
“see anything you like…?”
“oh now your “boyfriends” back, isnt he”
he even followed her around as she strolled about with me
a furtive little ne’er-do-well
i gave him a serious searching frown n he desisted
yeah well that was it really
some nice ‘ippie gave us some goodies
we split out into a sunshiny day
walked for a while enjoying this strange part of town
come home
all quiet
have a nap
earlyish night
do some painting

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