posted on February 5, 2006 at 11:43 pm

im sorry
i cant be with you everyday
my family are getting suspicious
i say im going out for half an hour
but im scoring blogg
staggering home overloaded
with all yalls lovely comments
drunk on my ego
and supercilious cleverness
im trying to be everything to everybody here
christ you know it aint easy
i wanna write the best blog
i wanna heal the lame
and bring back the dead
i wanna make all the idiots
i want fete de LA musique on everycorner
i want the mumsndadsnkids to understand
i want more shakespeare , less copsnrobbers
i want more jeff buckleys
lord, why did you take that lovely manne from us?
hopefully he’s singin’ out there somewhere
i want those leaf blowers to stop workin’
and people go back to rakes
(or leave the fuckin’ leaves where they are)
i want ultc to bee number 1
on every chart in every country
and i’ll give all the money
back to the poor
i wanna dismantle the weapons baby
war huh what is it good for?
i wanna spend the defence budget on
recreational drugs
buying postcards of krishna
getting my be bop deluxe collection complete
i wanna bathe my feet in the silver heat
i , personally, wanna sack the generals
the arms (and legs) dealers
the fuckin spies…
what good does all that malarkey do you and me?
get those fat pale useless olde politicians
and make em take surfing lessons
give em a mushroom and send em down the tube
every imbecile who wants to kill some one
on some gods behalf
will be made
to read sidhartha and listen to a donovan cd
until they understand
(somewhere in washington
a little rat who is
assembling a file on me
has just smiled triumphantly..
“now i got ya sk..
spending defence budget on drugs…!)
its an absurd world…
we should drop joints instead of bombs
we should plant ibogaine instead of mines
cmon get angry with me…
ya cant drop joints on people….its unamerican
it is indeed an absurd world
eves got curly hair
she wants straight
auroras got straight
she wants curly
people setting fire to people cos of a cartoon
did anyone responsible put one seconds thought into that..?
as david blowie says
we’re just older children…thats all
now i;ll probably have to cut
the thin white juke in on all my blog ad revenue
they offered me a million bux a week
to advertise some music bizz rubbish on my site
tycoons flyin’ down here trying to persuade me
takin me out on their yachts and flashing cash
i told em
my readers are a sophisticated bunch
they aint gonna stand for commoicials
they love me,
revere me
for my integrity
for my honest dealings
for my forthrightness
they know olde sk calls a spade flush a spade flush
they know
im riding shotgun on their shopping trolley
the bohemians friend
st steven, martyred for marijuana
what a shame mary jane had a pain at the party
so thats it
no ads on my blogge, baybee
no ads for james blunce new aftershave
no spruikin the veronicas autobiography
sorry that wont wash here mister
these readers want their sk fixx pure
so there you glow
im alive
im well
in fact im valve bouncing
ive shifted up a gear
im realizing more and more
all the time
im getting it together for ya all
ya probly gunna see mee reel soon
when ya least expect it
ripples of my influence
little moments ive engineered for ya
astral strings ive pulled on yer behalf
problems ive taken care of for ya pleasure
you know how it is
i cant tell you any more than that
theyre listening
see ya later
all my best

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