posted on June 22, 2010 at 9:58 am

last nite played in band for jimmy little
famous indigenous oldtime aust singer was given award
at some big do here in sydney
temper trap rightly won an award for their marvellous sweet disposition
the usual bloated ratbags and music biz parasites were there
rabbiting on with their usual codswallop
who cares?
but hurrah for jimmy and hurrah for the temper trap!
jeffrey cain arrives in under a week and we will do some swimming
and some singing and knock out isidore 2
have just been offered a great part in a brand new very funny musical
will let you know more as details come to hand
martin k n i have put the wraps on new kk
its finished and its a corker!!
many other goodies in pipeline stay tuned
watch this space

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