posted on June 9, 2009 at 6:09 pm

rehearsal is a drag
ringing ears
goes slow
eat unhealthy rubbish
laze around feeling ‘orrible
rehearsing in king louis 14ths studio
somewhere in the middle of nowhere
no phone
no net
no nothin’
lotsa noise
my eye blurry still
yes the creme n machine did work
but my tragic old face back to norbal now
off to rehearse again
feel unsafe on the road
the construction is grinding away as we speak
(same as it ever was)
peace n quiet elude me
jet lagged n with a cold
i feel miserable
i hate holiday inns
i hate touring
i hate waiting
i hate the noise
i hate my fucking shelf
(my id keeps falling off it)
eager to r0cknrollo
but all the rest bores my well toned ass off
miss my pool
miss my fam
miss my indy-pendants
what a moaner, lisa…!
seems a long way from rnr heaven
driving around
waiting around
the weather is rather chilli for summer
my feat are cold
my cold is in my knows
i’m lonely and tired n hungry
blah blah blag
feel sorry for me
feel very sorry for me
or whatever
you wanna piece of olde sk?
coming soon to a venue neer you
with love!

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