posted on January 12, 2010 at 8:38 am

oh silver delicious evening
sublime harbour beach swim swim
like antipodean mediterranean afternoon
like julius seizer himself might march from the waves
like i am back in blessed malta
like i am back in the holy streets of tyre
like i stroll upon the sea of gally lee
oh i pour good wishes on everyone
oh i am everyone else all at once
the old and the young
my consciousness is spread throughout the people
of course none of this is strictly true
but sudden joy pierce guy like me
like im on the verge
like im on the threshold
like im on caffeine or cocaine
in the water the vague shadows of fish
a cotton wool warm mist comes down on the harbour
the droplets zing in my earrings
i see a geezer i know who talks to me
i cant concentrate the sunlight fighting thru cloud
we walk back to the car
ha ha i am good natured papa
where is my child
i say laughing
where is my human child…?
here here here ! squeals little chubby scarlet
running along in her iridescent pink bikini bottoms
tibor in pale gold waits for us like an obedient beast
he starts first time
soon me n my gals are cruising in a slipstream thru the streets
we listen to old classic radio
we curve n sway n rock n roll
n the golden beast serves us well
quietly flying on its rubbery wings steel reinforced
i got no shirt n my hair is still wet
we roll the windows down down down
earlier today i hit surry hills
n jorden brebachs orange room
for some work on something german
see you soon a ha

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