posted on April 27, 2012 at 5:28 pm

for that was long ago

bring us some peace and calm inside

let us wander in the blissful fields of your love

let us tarry next to your fountains which bring cool

send us a message of your good faith

today ends in lassitude

this desert is endless

show me a way out of these shifting sands

hunger and thirst for something parches the soul

i hunger for spirit

i thirst like a sea

time has come down around me

with all of its arms does surround me

the palms the stars

birds call

fly north fly north….!

gimme a peace of your mind then

my arrow falls short everytime

night is waiting for me out there

i must go out and drive around

i must go into darkness into light

i must go from beast to angel somehow

it has been promised

it has been guaranteed


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