posted on July 1, 2010 at 11:36 am

i hate vodka
i hate what it does to people
i hate what it does to families
i hate the way it takes over and takes control
it is an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction
i saw it in rehab
i saw it in rocknroll
i saw it in my friends n enemies
i saw it in women n in men
i saw it in the young n the old
a frightening nightmare exploding in yer brain
a delusional toxic devils piss of a drink
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
more addictive than the worst drug
itll fuck ya ten times quicker than smack or crack or anything else
and totally legal
i saw whole rooms of finns slugging it out
i saw people driven rabidly foaming mad
i saw the aftermath too
the hollow wrecks it leaves behind
the burnt out shells of those it hath possessed
the emptiness the messed up blank and black eyed stare
more like a methylated spirit than a drink
its a clear cut killer of life and love and reason and beauty
stealer of youth
causer of quarrels
a violent horrible sickening poison
i saw a young geezer have a grande mal seizure on the filthy stuff
i hate it
i hate it
i hate it
you can hardly taste it but its gonna get ya down on yer knees
by the fucking balls
the anti-muse
nothing good comes from it
just trouble and strife
destroyer of life
oh i hate it
alcohol entity and elemental eating you up from the inside
making ya stupid and angry and coarse
i hate it
oh i fucking loathe it
oh i d-test it and what it does
i hate standing by watching it chew thru its victims
i hate that inchoate state
i hate its pernicious trespass upon humanity
its all bad
it rots yer guts
it fucks yer liver
it burns yer throat
it makes yer brain smooth n wrinkle-less
until you never ever gonna think straight
oh i despise vodka
oh i could scream
oh i could writhe in agony at its pointless poisonings
oh i damn the spirit of vodka which infests man soul
and swallows him whole
spits ya out dead if youre fucken lucky, mate
its evil its wicked its rotten its disgusting
oh i hate it i hate it
oh i truly and absolutely hate it more than anything
oh i do hate it so badly
oh i hate it so

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