posted on June 30, 2007 at 6:20 am

a galleon came into the bay
on a winters day
some men rowed ashore
over the wild surface of the sea
and the spray drenched their beards
and the breakers drowned their talk
adventurers you see
soldiers of fortune
desperate men
their leader was no young man
he steered the boat into the harbour
where the voodoo natives watched from the trees
he called for them to row harder
against the smashing rollers that came down on them
he cursed the sea god and the foul weather
they jumped out into the foam
and pulled the boat ashore
onto the dark cold sand
onto that faraway strand in a south sea
where parrots screamed in jungles
where big cats roamed the evenings in black
and monkeys chattered madnesses in the temples
the temples
where they would find…
something the leader wanted so badly
some powerful talisman
some enormous treasure
some magical drug
who could say
no one knew
they took it on faith
killer had kept his word so far
killer they called him and killer he was
he was at 52 a ruthless cut-throat
able to survive freezing cold waters
to march for days and days
surviving on a spartan diet of dates molasses and goji juice
master of chi power
smooth of tongue
and well versed in flattery and intrigue
the marital arts
and disappearing
he had rounded up these 12 men
to accompany him
on this greatest adventure
this desperate plunge into danger
this voyage to these remote islands
to find whatever it was he was after
el dorado
the fountain of youth
the astral journey
the complete dominion of the senses
now they stood on these desolate shores
his men
his comrades in arms
yes killer?
bolan was his bo’sun
assess this situation mr bolan sir!
well killer its like this….
we have enough food n drink for 3 days
bolans soft slight lisp was hard to catch against the surfs roar
we have enough to smoke for maybe 2 days max…if we take it easy
we should hit the fucking forests quicksmart n get out doublequick
back to blighty posto hasto…
what are we waiting for then? the killer exhorted the men
a smoothfaced young man with a melodious voice stepped forward
arent you gonna tell us what we’re looking for killer ? he asked
you’ll find out soon enough mr mclennan said the killer frowning
the rest of the crew stood grumbling
have i ever led you men astray before ? their leader demanded
plenty of times actually… said a youth with a french accent
cmon arthur groaned the killer
gimme a break….
i agree with rimbaud.. said an olde guy rapped up in a cloak
merlin? youre sposed to be on my side…..
so theres sides now said an italian guy called alighiery
et tu dante? said the killer glaring at the diminutive writer
he looked up
and whatta bout the rest of you….? he demanded
im with you killer
count me in
(who nodded his head and puffed on his pipe)
sure sure
if you think it would help…
ian curtis?
a sullen young man sniffed his assent
why the hell not?
mervyn peake?
absolutely !
ok then
this is what we’re gonna do….

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