posted on August 24, 2008 at 9:05 pm

to tell you the truth
i dont know what im gonna write today
i feel disgruntled by myself
tired of my tricks
and unable to surprise myself
it is hard to surprise oneself
and its no wonder really
nevertheless i would like to give myself a little surprise
or get me something nice for my birthday
at time of writing i had only about 12 comments
on yessadays blog… and a load of them had been deleted…
it saddens me to have to turn off the anons
i dont like censorship much
but i never foresaw that some loony would be terrorizing me
at this ripe old age
just for writing a blog
its funny seeing people come n go
i must admit i sometimes regret the whole carny-voor schism
its funny
its hilarious
the politics of running this thing
all the stupid things ive done on here
all the sublime masterpieces
im sorry to be big headed (just one more time)
but tell me please
apart from maybe sam sejavka..
are there any other killers out there
knocking out this shemozzle EVERY day…?
i sit down every day and i come up with something…
big deal killer…..most of it raving on about yerself
isnt egomania a funny thing…?
i was out at tims studio lassanite
re-hursing agonydead’ner
when i was rolling a joint on top of an old music rag
theres liam gallagher…jesus christ….
he stands there with his hands behind his back
singing like a slightly simple boy doing the school anthem
the lyrics are mostly sing-song bilge he didnt even write
his voice is a real one trick pony
he invests the songs with no emotion other than a sneer
(but how could you really…i suppose…?)
and when he does write a song…….
its that one called little james which is so maudlin n twee
that if winnie the pooh sang it to piglet he’d vomit…
and yet this is a tough guy…
and he comes up with
“so play with your toys…though they make noise”
the cleverest thing about liam
is that he refused to sing that absolute stinker
dont look back in anger
gee what an original title….
stick dont in front of another voila
dont catcher in the rye
dont sparkle in the rain , little james
dont get back
dont midsummers night dream
dont stand on the shoulders of midgets
that bit about telling sally to wait
makes me cringe and want to be anything but a songwriter
because i wonder if my songs ever revile people
in their sheer mediocrity
the way that particular turkey does me
it sold bazillions
its a show stopper
noelle unwraps it triumphantly each night
right near the end
and people go nuts n singalong
and i must be going crazy
its goddamned so awful
its so mundane
its so meaningless in its realest sense
it means nothing
its like mass hypnosis
please someone out there concur with this…?!
anyway in said mag
liam says stuff like
the whole worlds jealous of me…they should be…”
ok in some ways its true…
we do envy your money
and we do envy your success maybe
i certainly envy the clever way you have parlayed
a very small modicum of talent into a stadium sized career
but there you go
a zillion people will eat at mcdonalds tonight
but my fave little veg place closed down….
its the philistine factor
on the other hand
it is perfectly likely
that i could echo liams arrogant words
about myself in some stupid rant
(remember the best songwriter in australia? ha ha)
and well us egotists n egoists
we forgive it in ourselves
but i think liam is not quite right that people are jealous of him
if you asked people who they would rather be
how many would say liam gallagher
youd pick someone with money AND intelligence, wouldnt you..?
like dylan or sir paul
or i dunno
insert someone with money n intelligence here..
dont put me because i have neither
its terrible
but i hate so much music
i always have
i used to hate credence clearwater at school
but i dont mind em now
i used to hate slade
i never really liked that yobbo thing that much
but all the kids at school loved em
i didnt like the blues or country
i didnt like heavy or west coast
i didnt like much prog or folk
im a picky finicky bloke
i dont really like my own stuff that much really
i’m disappointed sometimes it isnt any better
but no one it seems
is on all the time…
i saw” i’m not there” with our cate as bob
i’d recommend it to any dylan fan
kinda explores some similar avenues as this blog actually
in another kinda way though
you should see it..
last night rehearsing with stellar crew
ricki rene maymi on guitar
maymi is master of all instruments and jack of none
he is bringing painkiller guitar parts alive
on his gibb-sun 13 string nipple red guitar
joining him
is the man
with the best hair in rock music
scott von ryper from the black ryder
whose jet black locks thickness n sheen
would be the envy of any rocker extant
hes playing twelve string acoustico plus
on keys n radiotronics william bowden
a true master of time n space
who also masters records
on drums timbo powles
who kneads no intro-ductions
simon polinski will mix us on the nite
oh do please come if you can
cos this is painkillers first last n only show prob’ly ever
so pawn your grannies silverware to get there
it will be a good night
10 sept somewhere in sydney

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