posted on April 25, 2006 at 7:58 am

you see
thats the trubble with me….
yesterdays blogg
what a vile rant
bilious poisonous tripe
that stopped being funny
about a second after i typed it..
oh yes my wise brother
who appears on these pages in different guises
warning me when i go too far
judge not lest ye be yourself judged
(now mr p. savant
as eager as you are
to stick it to the manne
just take my name off that rant
and you can go do whatever you like
with it
especially if youre in the taxation dept
try not to stick it up on the noticeboard
in the vip bathroom
but i sympathise with ya
i really do
the security sucks you under
but it suffocates ya at the same time
there will be more on my
misadventures in the ps coming soon)
but back to 2 things
which puzzle me about my self
why cant i get control of my evil twin?
why canberra?
why does canberra haunt my thoughts
now fiendsss have ya ever noticed
theres some silly man putting some olde
and dreadful lyrics up on the comments?
are they supposed to embarass me?
(jesus, they sure do)
but what is the real reason?
cmon, unmask yaself,
i gotta pretty good idea who you are
or put some new ones up there
gee it gives me the creeps to think of ya
sitting in ya office typing that same olde
nonsense everytime
and cmon
if ya really know me
as i assume yer insinuating
ya must have some worse ones up ya sleeve
than those tired olde turkeys

but why do my thoughts turn towards canberra
when i have been so many places since then
ive done so much
ive been up
ive been down
i seen places that i never thought id see
(yeah kilbey, like the inside offa u.s. jail)
i been to one of the most northern cities on earth
the guy who put the gig on was worried that the
good ice- hole fishing was gonna ruin
the walk up for the gig
now thatsa problem
you dont have in sydney at least
i been to rio de janeiro
like a wild lawless sydney itself
thatssa a wild place fiendss
they got everything there
despite having done all the stuff
and not having lived there for 30 years
the place niggles at me
it makes me laugh to think of a few olde codgers
who hated me when i was “on the canberra scene” man)
who now dine out on their stories
how they knew me n pete
and how
blah blah blah
(insert yer own baby grande anecdote here, boys)
some score is unsettled?
what does olde canberra want with me?
i thought itd be sweet revenge on ya
when i become a huge olde rock star for my
fifteen minutes
but to tell ya the truth i did never think
of ya at all in those days…
now dont get me wrong canberrans
i love so many of you dear thingss
kathy n kon up in harkett
these people fill my heart with tenderness
i cant believe how nice they are
no animal products either
sometimes i imagine myself walking
thru canberra on a hot
(always a hot canberran night
the smell of the pines)
i walk thru the suburbs
to gaze on the people i know
and knew there
my uncle ken and aunty irene
speartackle…how are ya?
the saga bouys…it was my fault, lads…
itsa ok
i was a real ratbag
the noisy one in class
just like now
i couldnae control my evil twin
who looked just like me
except he had a horrible way
of pissing everybody off
im sorry
i thought geniuses were allowed
(supposed?) to act like that
im sorry to all the guitarists
bass players
who i criticised
rudely loudly obnoxiously
yes dave studdert kicked me outta his groop
hell baby grande kicked me outta my own group
im sure the hcruhc have entertained the thought
if you think im obnoxious
you should see how it feels to be me
remember the lady called hel
one side beauty
the other rotting corpse
thats like me
half sinner
half saint
so i guess i got some unfinished bizness
with canberra
but when i go there
i can never find what it is
it has evaporated over the years
leaving only the congealed crust
of some nagging feeling
russell n i hadda look at our olde house
theres no nostalgia here
i say to him
its a mansion now
all our memories are gone
same with the school
me n russell go down there sometimes
only once
on a warm dusk in december
did we make contact with the past..
its all comin back to me

baby grande was pretty rough
you dont really wanna hear it
i dont blame the others
they were my stupid songs
it was right they should be banished
to obscurity
you see
i think its wherever you are
between childhood n adulthood
it weaves a spell upon ya
throws a glamour on ya dreams
somewhere inside me
is an eternal canberran adolescent
going round this world
looking outta my eyes
and going wow
and then
typing rants lika yessadays
can i come more cleen than that?
happily ever after

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