posted on January 25, 2012 at 7:16 pm

opportunity nocked

i wake one day and bondi is deserted

the people have all gone home

a hammock swings empty in the greenery

the ferns and cactuses

the colourful pots and vases

the paved courtyards are silent

oh the gentle rain

enriching soothing calming

the pool is warm

i plunge into the salty brew

the bottom of the pool is lined with seaweed

and waves crash over the side slapping me about

today a rare energy fills me

i kick through the dim warm green water

the waves come down and i escape  by diving under

the blessed quiet underwater

the healing power of this immense ocean

the holiness of the pure and simple things

in the sauna an old ukrainian guy tells me about his sauna hat

instead of listening i drift away on his marvellous accent

the melody of his speech suggests kiev and great forests

coming home i encounter hardly anyone

some good news i am moving into a nice  apartment soon

i will have a wonderful view up in the trees

this will inspire me to pour forth more creation isms

i have never lived anywhere as nice as this before in some ways

i am inspired to create some things that will be good

i am solving art conundrums by the easel load

i am sorting out music like it was my first language

i am understanding music on more levels more deeply

it is coming to me so easily

after this long apprenticeship a brief period as a master craftsman

saraswati favours me for the while

all art is from god

all art ultimately should be dedicated to god

it should contain or touch upon god

or even upon his perceived absence

god is afoot god is a mile

god is a warm grey day

the kind of god and day i like

i think i am content and happy just at this moment

the cool summer seabreeze the constant drizzle

the trees drip drip drip

i am detached and pleasantly so

warm grey day turns into cool black night

i look at a picture of kate mitchell and me that sits on my desk

i send my prayers to craig and the girls

i hope they are doing ok

i wish she was out there tonight

this world can be a real hell quite often

bad things happen

mission calls it a clusterfuck

i am grateful for this moments respite

a brief pocket of time in equilibrium

it is truly appreciated






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