posted on May 26, 2009 at 3:38 am

sks 2013th reverie
inside my mind now
you have just entered my mind
these are my thoughts
this is where i keep all my memories
behind that door there are forgotten things
thats the spot i wrote disappear? twenty seven odd years ago
a still and sunny afternoon in north bondi
waiting for my glenn bennie cd to show up in afternoon mail
all those songs i’d forgotten
i will be able to appraise them with new ears
i need to sneak up on my self some times
i need to surprise myself
but i always see myself coming
never mind
in my mind
within my mind
within my mind which is sensitive n nervous like a red setter
which is cunning and hungry like a jackal
which is cold and detached like a snake
voice in another doctors waiting room : or a retina
my mind is dark like a wolfes
my mind is deep like a swedish lake and as black near the bottom
my mind so tiny and laughably small
yet still able to contain a whole universe
my mind of which i use 10 per cent
what the fuck is that other 90 per cent doing?
how can i get in touch with that?
i feel like i’m in the bit most people DONT use
and the bit they use
is the bit i cant get at
theres something wrong with me
i dont fit in
i regret it
i relish it
but i cant relinquish it
i am a fucking freak you better believe it!
why cant i leave it all in fronta me..uh..i dunno
all my latest records…i cant listen to em anymore
someone rings up
steve…your latest record is a frickin’ masterpiece my man
oh yeah
yeah man its like oh wow i dunno i mean fuck
you fuckin’ done it steve-o
seriously man….
i really fuckin’ mean it man
yeah yeah sure sure
anyway youre the best man the best…
yeah thanks see ya
i rush to listen to record
i put it on
by the third bar my ears n mind have switched right off
refusing to process it
nope my mind says
we dont want to hear ourselves says my creative voice
i wanna fucken hear this record screams my ego voice
i wanna unnerstand again howcome we’re so great..
no says my creative voice
youre not great…youre the problem!
anyway these 2 go on at it hammer n tack
my id wades in and gets smacked in the eye
my various personae duke it out
oh who fucking cares who you really are ? asks the hedonist voice
lets get some fuckin’ pleasure on board…
my wife goes strolling thru my mind…
the responsible voice whos trying to write this blog emerges
a door clangs closed
the curtains are drawn back
onstage its….some crazy old geezer
hes on thyroxin hes eaten too much chocolate
he s all doped up on goofballs
he staggers about with his black/red eye
his white beard
his golden tan
his red nose
his brown freckles
his yellow teef
hes like a rainbow
the film suddenly comes to an abrupt end
the lights come on in the theatre
the guy next to you is steve kilbey
c’mon he says
you can gimme a lift home
inside your new hovercraft
you zoom along the monotrack
after dropping him off at his hive
hes given me a brand new cd called damaged/controlled
which is basically him singing
and glenn bennie doing the music
and a very nice prince of pop music called tim doing sound
and ms p nihill singing on some tracks too
i will now give you my honest first impressions
track one : sunday
like euphoria coming on
swirling victorian shoegazing melodic and lazy n trippy
angel face sleep the lonely hours creep sings kilbey
track 2 : i dont wanna know
one of those nasty songs where kilbey spits out a load
of smart-arse one liners
eg believing whatever i told myself n crawling all the shots
fast n furious
a bennie rocker!
track 3 :how do you glow?
i’ll never understand how a king goes down with empty hands
sings old kilbey alluding to alex the great, elvis the king
and king odysseus strugglin to get home to neo-ithaca
meanwhile glenn bennie summons up the musical equivalent
of 2 eckies and two glasses of white fizzy wine
gorgeous stuff!
track 4 : im the one
direct and straight ahead
like a rocket sled
it just travels along on its track
the futures like butter sings kilbey (not to vegan-ly)
bennie summons up velocity with his ubiquitous guitars
track 5 : damaged/controlled
a bent outta shape pop song
damaged indeed
like sigue sigue sputnik meets crimson n clover
track 6 : nectarine
a number one in a fair universe
sung by pn but words by sk
bennies music is the sound of
a glorious aching love gone wrong
track 7 ; underneath
like a euro rocker whatever that is
track 8 : in innocence
pn sings
a frozen wintery song
a cold afternoon song
track 9 : deranged/controlled
an instrumental
all spiky fractured n electronic
yet sad n sweet too
n wordlessly poignant
track 10 : uncertainty
album goes out on a rocker!

where was i?
oh never mind!

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