posted on December 18, 2015 at 9:43 pm
for cast doom

four cast doom

this madness of lives

this struggle between angel and beast

caught in the middle i fiddle while the earth burns

man now you can believe nothing

they lied to you

you lied to them

they took from you

you took from them

futility you found a good friend there

anxiety another monster you need to take care of

flattery you little bastard you are certainly everywhere by now

in the dimness of summer afternoon fucked up on weed and yoga

i hit upon a million ideas at once

contorted into an asana its so obvious its all so obvious

this horrible world of men ah it will be a pleasure to shut the door on it

this is true life… krsna and the images of gnostic saints

jesus and so many lovely buddhas

my mind gushes forth evanescent schemes that rush into my rooms and disappear

i vividly remember strange scenes from my life when i exhibited hubris or surliness

the horrible curse of narcissism which afflicteth me in spades and hearts

the rush of evil that hath fuelled divers trespasses

the rush of god when he comes flooding in

on a golden warm sweetness that will smack you down boy

filled with arrows of desire you crash into white

slipping through the surface of reality

a thousand channels just under the elastic edges

music plays like music never heard before

so all music before that was just noise

yeah so i’ll leave it there


and there


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