posted on October 11, 2006 at 4:56 am

the water in the inlet was cold
peering down thru cloudy depths
oceanographer in space
in my minds eye and i
against the rip i struggle
i need new language
i have exhausted all these words
i have excavated my imagination
to the point of collapse
i go up n down with the tides
the moon pulls my head in to alignment
bang bang bang
the numbers come up
red earth meets white heaven
water, prana, chi, fluid, liquid,ether,space
i pass thru all these
in the atmosphere of planets
in the gaps between synapses
everywhere i heard music
the great orbs call to each other
the stars n suns sing
fiery music burns up
the coldness n warmth duet together
life n death doing an old sonny n cher number
the opposites must be reconciled
whatever that means
i accept that opposites must be reconciled
just like
you always become what you hate
did you really think humanity was the be-all n the end-all
of all-there-is?
i see bush n his pals as dirty little boys
poking round in a filthy puddle
on the outskirts of an enchanted forest
whatta waste
sucha shayme
the universal language
maybe in this universe, mister
but maybe not all
many things money still can not buy
many things fire still can not burn
somethings require dedication
i hated that word once
because i knew it was the truth
but my laziness called out for the easy way
path of least assistance
i did not think that i should have to persevere
i discovered all temporary oblivion
was accompanied by an awful nameless anxiety
oblivion anxiety
anxiety oblivion
how do you experience oblivion?
yer oblivious!
and if yer anxious that ya gonna get anxious
well, whats all that about?
self perpetuating anxiety?
shorter n shorter oblivions
weaker oblivions
oblivions tinged with angst
oblivions with anxiety breaking on thru
cheaper oblivions
more obvious oblivions
oblivions in the key of e minor
but oblivion can only be defined by nonoblivion
that bookends it
endless oblivion holds no attraction for me
i want temporary
not too long
not too short
the sooner the better
earlier rather than later
dead men… they know theyre dead?

yesterday we saw for 1st time
scarlets walk
imagine if all of toris songs come true?

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