posted on December 30, 2007 at 10:52 am

calenders spin
years tear off like pages and fly away
technology frightens me
its incessant insistence on change nobody wants
its intrusions
its cancers
its speed cameras
its unknown costs
my room full of invisible signals passing through me
pornography, astrology, hotmail, gmail, whole encyclopaedias
all moving thru the air
piercing me deeply
penetrating every organic thing
christmas an empty ritual
the children want the toys
the grownups need a holiday
so we cut down pine trees
and wait for an imaginary geezer
to drop down our chimneys
people slurp grog and gawk at sport
what is this dimension missing from me
that i have been screaming for all my lives?
why does hardly one else seem to miss it?
why couldnt i have been happy with the tinny and tv?
what do i see in my crystalline balls for 08?
more war
more disaster
more politicians crooked bullshit
more people in jail
i dunno
a cure for this or that disease
men and women who sacrifice their lives
someone’ll get fat
someone’ll get thin
someone will run off with somebody else
life will become simultaneously easier and harder
islands go under yet water becomes scarcer
here in bondi
it is like a total beach resort town type trip
ferris wheels
dance parties
irish n english boys carrying slabs of beer
the new mexican palms a’waving
queues outside every restaurant
me n minna n vilma from sweden eat felafels
shady characters abound n then some
drunken pushy thugs n loudmouth bullies
oh all the things that will happen in this bondi night
the heat and the sea and the beer
people hanging off the rafters
the pubs are overflowing
the promises of the bondi night
the parties full of cocaine and docile beauties
on the balcony yelling thru the cigarette smoke
walking along the shore at 4 am tripping outta yer mind
holding hands with someone you just met from fuckin bulgaria
getting hit in the head with a surfboard
sunburn and cold sweat
the sting of the light
the great european fear of the shark
and spider
and snake
smoking hydroponic weed and havin’ an anxiety attack
the jellyfish leaves welts
the sand is everywhere
in the grass small thistle like things are agony
the birdshit is corrosive…it melts paint in one or two days
the party pills can be lethal
people overheat and convulse on the wrong stuff
idiots roar down one way streets doing 70 miles an hour
parking police are everywhere about their pathetic tasks
old jewish bints in supermarkets rudely push in
parties erupt all over the place
voices call out into the hot breathless night
the sea roars
the music drifts
the losers cry
the winners scoff
the victims wine
the sugar daddies say “what are ya wearing?”
the cops say theyll help ya find ya wallet but dont expect to
the juice bar man says “whos next?”
perry says “pam left me..i got the bizness now”
pam says ” i left perry …i got the bizness now”
the hairdressers snip snip spray spray
the manicure joint cover yer nails in poison colours
the billboards screams best and worst bodies of 2007
the heroin dealer says ” i’ll be there soon”
the guy at the bar says ” my wife doesnt understand me”
his wife says to his friend ” ive never done this before”
the ambulance man says ” ok this is gonna hurta little”
the seagulls fight over the overflowing bins
taxis comin’ and goin’
buses wilting under the strain
the fashion shops open late
a market with jewelry sunglasses n massage
the coke dealer says no more credit
the real estate says your rent has increased
the garage says your blah blah is about to go
the world says be this be that
god says im busy
families clash and divide
things fall apart
the stars recede
the night fades
we are left
in nothingness

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