posted on December 9, 2006 at 9:04 pm

sunday morning
sunday morning…
theres something in a sunday…
6.48 sunday
fripp n eno on escape pod
goji juice in hand
thc in bloodstream
pk portrait on bloodred background NEARLY completed
pete completed
yes and some wiley commenter points out
why aint sk the BLACK wiggle?
fuck, i could inject a bit of raw edge visceral humour
for the long sufferin’ adults who are subjected to the wiggles
quite frankly have ya ever seen this stuff?
its enuff to drive even the sanest man(like mee!)
to go stark raving bonkers
its the most patronizing schmaltzy drippy corny
and awkward and mawkish and EMBARRASSING RUBBISH
i dont care if its made for kids
i woodna watched this malarkey when i was a kid!!!
would you?
kids arent all stupid
only some of em
in the same proportion as adults
some turkeys here
some genii there
expose your kidss to this tripe
and bad results could follow
childhood is an important age ya know
if you expose yer kidss to nerdy blokes in skivvies
singing tuneless silly songs
you aint gonna get frida kahlo or johnny lennon outta it
it stands to reason
play em the church
your kids could be quoting the lyrics to the disillusionist
on the first day of school….
look i aint even gonna criticize the wiggles no more
its kinda like gawking at a traffic accident or something
but jeff n murray n stig
if ya do need a black wiggle with a bit of pizazz
and some new kiddy songs
ones that address real childrens issues
“popularity crisis in e flat minor”
“sibling strangler”
get the picture….im a vailabull
last nite me n evie starr attended a galllery opening n xmas party
at an exclusive private soiree eastern suburbs you werent there nyah nyah
bohemian bash in bondi
im just standing back as the attentive blogger
trying to capture it all for you
the colourful dresses swirl around
men with all varieties of facial hair
as we walk in evie spots her best friend from school
and shes off
leaving daddy-oh free to mingle
gee its the usual crowd plus…
society chicks with tit-jobs
gay cameramen
those brazilian types with porsches n pony-tails
where do they get all their money from? (ha-ha!)
theres lucian the director
theres andy whos having the exhibition
the gallery owner comes up n tells me how much he loves chrissy b hinde
too bad mah man…i have 0 free tickets for that
he also says hes waiting for a blind date to show
how long has she been without her eyesight i hilariously ask
another pissed man rushes over
“whos the black girl with the teeth?” he breathlessly asks
(can you believe this bullshit?)
whos the black girl without teeth i ask him back
he looks at me as if im crazy…..
i look around n evies leading a gang of kids
running around and carrying on with a good contact high
i summon her over
her cheeks are all red from running n excitement
“calm down eve!’ i order her
sure dad and runs off to start it all up again
we move out to the huge yard dotted with sculptures
a band starts up
its david lane n some local players
the place starts to fill up
i chat distractedly with a stream of people
steve this is my friend from argentina juan
steve this is joe blow from bingbong row
hi im steve….
see ya later man
theres some flyers there for our play
someone points me out to a pissed english prick
he comes over to me
beery winey breath in my face
he heavily stresses the tor bit of actor
not acta but act-tor
as i try to meekly say no, not really
he regales me with bullshit about act-tors
even tho i keep saying “well actually…”
and finally finishes with
despite all this aggravation
when the idiot asks for a tobacco-less joint
i surprise my self with my good naturedness
as i catch myself saying in my best humble aussie accent
“i’ll roll ya one, mate…”
when its done he snatches it away
greedily inhales half of it
gives it back n then ignores me from then on in
well it was a party i guess
you gotta expect to meet “characters” there
i hate some smartass being a “character” at my expense, tho
some drunk whos turned into w.b.yeats after 2 bottles of plonk
whos cornered ya at a bar and waxing all poetic in yer face
but not lettin’ ya get a word in edgewise
jesus that gets my goat
i look around
and see eve has propped a ladder against a high wall
and is leading a gang of kids in an escape attempt
evie !
i yell
she comes over
did i tell you to calm down n take it easy?
yes dad
do ya think climbing ladders over walls is taking it easy?
no dad
bloody be’ave yerself eve or we’ll both get bounced out…
ok dad
i have a little drink of red wine
oohh cheap n ruff
nasty stuff….mmm…i like it
now eve n cohorts have built a long jump
from some panels that may have been a “sculpture”
sorry dad
the dudes blind date turns up
uh oh
he wants me to meet the b.d. n her flatmate both english
the dude tries to tell em who i “am” but they never heard of me
but under the murky way was a hit in england he insists
no it werent ! me n the ladies say
the dude takes me aside
i like the flatmate more than the blind date he whispers
yeah i could see that coming i concur
what should i do ?he asks
(why is he asking me i dont know!)
well i say..
seeing a blind date is just a random blip
and a blind dates flatmate is another random blip
how can one random blip mind if you prefer the other?
yes yes he says but how will i ever split them up now? he asks
i look around
a band of jammers is jammin some jazz
n eve is dancing around like salome
waving her arms like a greek sybil talking to apollo
with her hair pulled back like that she could be a dryad
shes on a huge contact high from the party
n having a whale of a time
auroras gonna be angry she didnt come she calls out to me
finally im just standing there in the garden
in the darkness watching all the people do their things
the jostling n jockeying for position
the guys carrying on like peacocks
the aftershave n the cigarrettes n the booze n the schmoozin’
just older children thats all, after all
suddenly evie runs up looking upset
i couldnt find you daddy
her cheeks are red and shes all hot n sweaty
time to go miss starr i say
shes happy to leave too
and we exit into the warm bondi night
and we discuss the party on the way home
evies still sleeping in as i write this
laid out by her festive exertions
boy shes gonna be a wild party girl when she grows up
i stifle a shudder
well, maybe not
maybe she’ll change….but i doubt it…
anyhow thats it for today
love etc

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