posted on July 29, 2008 at 9:15 pm

the gently murmuring long grass
wending our way
the delta land
black angel steps forward
we follow her wandering ways
i memoryless
a merry wanderer
a good fellow well met
hefting my pack without complaint
the warm rain from heaven on my face
drops of His love soothe my burning eyes
we beside the mindless river
we lie on its banks dreaming
no sun
just a gentle grey haze
that goes on forever
one inevitable crow as a point in the sky
a blackness to emphasizing the faded grey
the vegetation is a complexity remarkable
meaning and determination the hallmark of life
the green purpose of it all still remains unknown
to exist but not have to think
decisions all removed
no right or wrong
obeying an imperative to find light
fighting your way out of the darkness of earth
to flower and bloom
wither and return
atoms burn
was there anything ever there?

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