posted on September 1, 2006 at 6:10 am

the ocean
spring has returned
prima vera herself
dressed in green house gases
even damaged as she is
still so lovely
honey n milk flow
the southern hemisphere blooms forth
male n female
woof n warp
the way things start happening
the delerious hammer pounds inside
shooting stars in the eastern sky…i saw 2
making wishes as i was in garudasana
the balcony in the night
sandy n shelly n flowering plants
lovely aloneness for once
shiva sometimes whispers in my heart
faintly audible
the destroyer
speaks in liquid ways
my heart slows down to 45 beats per minute
despite all the whatever i have subjected myself to
i have low blood pressure
n my heart beats real slow
sanskrit celestial language
aum baybee
mmmm…thats right
and pleasure
the pleasure of music
the screaming distorting fracturing gurgling guitars
at the beginning of futureboy
the spirit walking drift of the eq. starrs
the way a bass guitars rubbery pulse
rubs up against a kick drum
all those fucking fantastic words
all those fucking fantastic voices
sing a song of fucking songs baybee
and rejoice
cos you are alive
and its spring
pushing thru the cold seawater
im rewriting my definitive book on rocknroll
over n over in my head
a million thoughts fly to me
but none are ever in words….
music going where nothing else goes
a painting cant get ya there
oh i dunno
thats not true…..
but this music stuff…what is it?
why do these combinations of words n notes unlock our spirits
why does some gruff old voice and tinny guitar
make me feel like i could perform magic
i been playing my olde bass for 36 years now
its an eternity
music slowly unravels from my hands
at first nothing
nothing at all
a lump of wood and some strings that hurt my fingers
drop by drop
i could squeeze music outta the fuckin’ thing
and now
and now….
my fingers say to my mind
please dont get involved
we know what we are doing
we have been fingers before
over n over n over
new instruments
new songs to learn
new slides n frets n holes to finger
new tones n timbres n rhythms n drones
new sticks n plectrums n bows n mallets
same old music
but now completely different
changed into something
rich n strange
what does it all amount to?
that thou shalt rock?
that god gave rocknroll to us?
spring evening hastening down upon us here
the baby, the symbol of continuity
shakespeare..whatta great rocknroll lyricist he woulda been
and august strindberg, n baudelaire too
of course sweet young arthur
more tragic
more romantic
more young gifted n french
without you arthur
without you
rocknroll would still be doowop
oh you dead poet
i love yer stuff
i know you dont read my blogge
but its ok
when yer gone yer gone
and someday someone in the future
could chance upon something of mine
and i’ll be gone too
and none of it will matter anymore
and then
and then
there i am
im a kid again
and i see this instrument in a window one day
and the instrument
(which is playin’ by itself)
is singing
i’d love you to run yer hands all over me
and the instrument is very seductive
and before ya know it
ya meet some other new guys
ya might have to go thru a few
before ya meet the right ones
and then
you figure out
how you can
with certain combinations
of words n sounds
affect other people
whom you now call “the audience”
ya have yer ups n downs
sometimes ya dont get the combinations right
sometimes ya hate each other n yerselves
sometimes the audience are deaf
sometimes the audience arent even there
sometimes barometric pressure or cocaine
puts all the instruments permanently out of tunes
rocknroll animal
rocknroll angel
tryin’ to get that mixture right…!
are you telling me that rocknroll
shouldnt contain all the flesh n intelligence of man
are you saying that the electric guitar aint the best thing
for expressing unspeakable beastlike lust
the sonic perfection of heaven?
if you dont believe that you got the wrong blogge mister
rocknroll is sacred holy music to me
i live by it
im gonna die by it
i have a god given right to rock
and when i strap on my plank
im gonna deafen the silence
im gonna negate those blues
im gonna anaesthetize ya
im gonna let you in on some secrets
im gonna describe with a pulsing low e
the rise n fall of civilisation
waves of joy
waves of joy

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