posted on March 21, 2006 at 11:47 pm

im standing at a urinal
trying to have a piss
theres an aussie yobbo behind me
screaming my lyrics in my ear
the yobbo is bawling in my ear
i’ll have to remember this for my blogge
i thinks to meself
i shoulda turned round and peed on the idiot
how surreal it all is…
why is he screaming thus?
who knows…
obviously im fair game

on duty 24 hours a day
even answering the calls of nature…
then said yobb talked all thru our show
along with a cloth eared bint
who answered her mobile phone
rudely loudly and tastelessly
and had the gall to come backstage
and tell me how she had to take the call
it was a long lost friend…
dont ever let me catch either of you idiots again
anywhere near me…
we pl;aying accoustic
im sorry
im fucking deaf as a post
and i(and timbo) cannae handle
loud racquets anymore
if i fucking catch ya talking at mah gig
im gonna jump off the stagey
and el kabong ya with my bass
try me n see
i got no tolerance for ya
ya rude bastards n bitches
zip yer lips
or out you go….

we’re the best band on earth
we play once in a blew moon
just shuttup while we’re playing
or powlesy or me
is gonna nail ya ….HARDE!

yeah well we were brilliant of course
the new songs were great
the olde songs were great
we just getting better n butter
next monday its sydnees tern
i wouldnt miss it fer quids

so many things on the horizon now
so many songs to finish
bits n pieces to tie together

i finished my book on shakespeare
i was crying
he was my age when he died
of what?
drink, syphilis?
he had just lost his 2 younger brothers as well
he had no idea that he would live on
as one of the greats
could you imagine that in 400 years
anyone will give a toss about anything thats happnin’now?
marilyn manson?
brad pitt?
harry friggin potter?
i cant see it myself
oh william s…how yer words move me
the exquisite poignance of yer stuff dazzles me
i completely take off my hat to ya
i love you, you olde dead playwright
i kneel to yer talent
and i wonder how you diddit

people throw down yer gossip rag
(kirsties love diet!!??)
and get yerselves the collected work of ws
check out the tempest..
prospero a role made fer yer humble hero
why do ya think i called my eldest daughter miranda?
let the language permeate ya
dont try n understand it literally word by word
let it happen in yer heart
its the best stuff
not stuffy academic stodge
this is alive
itll make ya laugh n cry at the same time
youll be in love with the heroines
youll hate the villians
its the best
believe me
its the best
i love you crazy fooles
im trying to stick around longer than the bard tho
i know youll be needing me
later on

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