posted on August 1, 2006 at 4:38 am

city in the jungle
electrical disturbance
memory of lemuria
forked lightning crash in the trees
alligator tooth flash swamp blur
slithering sound
reptile god sacrifices black lake
union with nature
man inside circle
weilding great magic
princess from other places
somehow became empress here
everything is recurring
this moment on and on
now breathe
feel the inward become the outward
and outward inward
hot humid night enveloping us
are you with me?
hot humid night holding us secure
the lord of the universe
holds all the planets and everything else
the stars and suns
effortlessly in place
through his will everything is happening
all that lives now will live forever
all that that has never lived will never live
luxury as a waste of time
flight from material
love only binding it all together
we are part of this
the night opens to accept you at last
music begins on beautiful but mournful instruments
sing, women
sing the song of the endless jungle and the endless sea
sing the songs
that brought you to me
my glimpses are confused
what were you expecting?
this is million years in past or future
these terms no absolute meaning
jungle outside of time
man and beast and spirits and jungle equals one
man and woman equal one
all things as one thing
one thing as everything
the one thing says
so you can dig me as you surely must
i appear as so and so
(insert god name here)
but although i am him i am also not
and i dig the way your people have lived
in this jungle
and have dived deep inside yourselves
and put it all together……
monkeys screaming in the windlashed trees
baboons attack a messenger
witches lizards slow worms
winged eel fingerling
evil must always be i suppose
someone cooking up a jinx or a hex
voodoo ceremonica authentica
sorceress change
pigs into men
this isle is full of noises
parrots explode from the trees
in red yellow green screech
things caught in traps scream in the wind
the gibbets grim occupant
the plague
temple and vine
sunset and dawn
closes his books
the journey is over
but still travelling
the play is over in someway
but the acting goes on
swimming pools empty and glowing
stunted trees
boulevards and palm
everything green burst of lives
all take the same sun and earth
and fashion some different aspect of the thing
unique perfect
water miracle liquid bouyant
underwater virgin ghost bones almost glimmer
darkness squeezes the jungle city
the tops burst open and the people climb out
naked stripteasing lantern crowded drunk and brutal
fights break out
teeth smash blood spit rage fist crumpling slow
fires burn out in the poor quarters
enemies ride in on horsebacks
they spear us as we escape
the jungle strangles them
and closes in again
shiva dances
creation is re enfolded into itself
everything on the point of a needle
are you ready?
the night is warm and inviting
ive lost my head a little
im drinking jungle juice
and im slightly poisoned
and the rains starts gentle again
the jungle luxuriates
the canopy like our roof
we enter the domed house of zeus
we enter the cave where the sybil lives
we swim in the dark waters
we cleanse and purify ourselves
we await instruction
the night and the jungle and the heat are out there
in here is me and god and you i guess
we watch one another
separation anxiety
separation illusion
when you learn to overide the brute
when you can go against yourself
when you can change and change and change
when you are ready
really ready
and only then
not before

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