posted on July 4, 2006 at 4:43 am

i mean
thats more like it….
64 comments last time i checked
and growing
(not really but its a good word to use in a blogg)
but wow
thanks for all your comments
i gott it thru my thick skull n thin skin
some of you read
and dont comment
and vice versa
and anyway
thanks again
aww im blushing
thanks for caring
thanks for your kind encouragements
what would i do etc
enuff of all that

the doodles have a new game
i ask
would you rather have a thousand dollars each to spend
in a toy store
stand in a damp hole in the ground for an hour
and they say the toy store!!
and i say
oh really?
well that really surprises me…

thats it
thats the game
of course the questions have to change every time
would you rather have a holiday on a tropical island with swimming pools
and palm trees
a kick in the bum quite hard

although the doodles dont really understand it
this is a kinda philosophical exercise in
da-da or something
they can dig it at a sub-conscious level
the bizarre futility of the human n rat race
we all want good things naturally
but ya look around and it aint all good
i dunno
im just a singer in a rocknroll band
what would you rather have
a peaceful little planet
another fucking war??

who aint gonna say
peaceful little planet?
but theres always a hundred wars going on
at any given time
a. commentor says he thinks im naive
yes i am
thats what you gotta like about me
(i guess)

im just not smart enuff to understand “war”

in other breaking news
i watched (most of) the brothers grim movie lassanite
and let me despatch it with one word
load of olde codswallop too
you cant get a good movie outta the bros grimm?????
whats the matter with hollywood?
cant they see the puerile tripe theyre putting out
is pathetic
in its ambition
and realisation
we also watched the emperor penguin movie..
which one was leath hedger…
the one that gets eaten by the seal?
no its all mixed up now….
but have to call it
penguins 1
matty daemon nil

took a lovely walk with the doodles
round the dover heights area just now
jesus some people are living it large
amazing huge houses poised at the edge of the land
glass n chrome n skylights n balconies n swimming pooles
i wanna go “straight”
if i can live in some of these joints
people say
oh dont go “straight” sk
you think theyd even have me?
to do what?
im good for nothing
i cant concentrate
no people skills
my drivers licence says the wrong address
whos gonna employ me?
whos gonna get me a palatial mansion
in some leafy avenue with a billiard room n sundeck?
i mean im pretty good at stapling bits of paper together
and going round n round in office swivel chairs
and i know my way round a bulldog clip too
and im handy for nipping down the shops
and buying everybody a coffee
(if you dont mind waiting a little longer….)
id get a hair cut
shave off my beerd
i’d go jogging at lunchtime with the boys
oh sk your “straightdom” is only a dream
back to yer hippy pad and all its accoutrements

and the questions
ive lost most of them
ive really bungled the whole thing
but i have an idea
if on say july 7 you all ask yer questions on that day
i being of sound mind (unlikely)
will answer them on the following day
which should be the 8th
i will print em out
and answer em one by one
in the order they come in
hows that
please feel free to re ask
or ask a new one
if the answers are abstract
they will have abstract answers
you gett the idea now dont ya?
johhnnie garrotte
bon bum
pubic serve -ant
ra ra
the queen
the mudman
the nz boys
(send me a fucking painting then…..)
the guys who are no longer here cos i dont like guns n wars
(or guns n roses)
the middle aged groopies
the underage roadies
the problematic toddlers
the eschaton embracing tiny tots
the microbes who enjoyed under the milky way in 1988
the genetic mutations that made me probable
the dark shadows at my kitchen door
the empty spaces where the people used to be
all of you
the olde gang at bullyneham high
some of yer are in jails
some of yer are in institutions
some of yer are in rocknroll bands
whatever happened to
beggars hash?
you told me i’d never play the bass
and you were right!
i love you all so much
and so much much more

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