posted on March 15, 2011 at 10:52 pm

the author

we vanish into memory

someone throws our clothes away

maybe someone makes a speech

maybe someone writes a column

eventually there will be no trace of us

as if we never were here

and your memory of all this will be erased

if there is a next life here

you will never remember all that passed before

stripped of all gifts and memory then we must go on

only vague predilections remaining like shadows on our souls

the evil and good we have done will shape futures to come

the neglect will see us neglected

the perfect will see us perfected

i’m gonna have to fight all these battles again soon

because i havent gained any ground in this round

the wheel turns but i dont move on

nature is our mother she is also cruel and wicked

each tragedy now is a bastard of a thing

so hard to handle you just switch off

one night soon this world might end in tears

cant you feel it coming down the line?

something quite bizarre and avoidable

but seems like inevitability this far in

in some ways my life is a failure if i dont ever learn

sidetracked by mysterious illusions

vanity lit up fits and tantrums

hurl my spear of words and music

tremble on the perpetual verge of realisation that……

oh i can never remember

i was talking to friend of mine when i realised they were gone

the line was silent

the crystal ball was empty

the screen reflected only the face of some old guy with a beard

nothing is easy and no one is happy

a puzzle within an obstacle course contained inside a bewildering maze

i’m falling for the same old tricks

i’m laughing at the same old jokes

i’m banging my brand new head on the same old wall

i jump out the same old window expecting not to fall

cant face the truth  cant face the lies

some bit of me can only live when the other part dies

i cant see nothing it hurts my eyes

in the ugly mirror where time really flies

we vanish into memory




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