posted on April 9, 2008 at 8:56 pm

another day comes and fades into history
hit history kill
we dont want people to revisit it again
timetravellers arriving in 08
aliens among us
the old nepalese lady next door is maybe kali
lights incense to the elephant headed god
old jumbo himself
lord ganesha
god of thresholds
god of overcoming barriers
son of shiva
brahma vishnu shiva
the trinity
father son holy spirit
vishnu reincarnates as rama
then as krishna
then as buddha
god comes into the world to experience himself
isnt that all of us?
i ask why must i experience this pain and longing?
i ask why i must experience this agonizing separation?
i must have needed it
i must have needed to go through the humiliation of addiction
i must have needed to gain and lose
i must have needed to sing and play
my eternal soul needed to enact these things
my friend in hospital…why god why?
but frank says
we will all learn by his example
this is his gift
though the price is a terrible one for him….
everything i take for granted
even having a pee
or blowing my nose
is now denied him
hes just lying there waiting to pass away
but i see him
and i learn
the fragility of life
the omni-presence of death
the courage of humanity
the sacrifice of heroes
i learn
you can live your life like a man
take it on the chin
cop it sweet my fiendss
cop it sweet
life will break all our hearts before we go
this is not permanent
you may lose your teeth and hair and good looks
you may lose your friends n parents n (god forbid) children
you will be blamed for what ya never did
others may take the credit for your hard labours
you will be spurned when you most needed love
you will be swamped when you most needed solitude
good things will turn ugly
ugly things will become hideous
you will inevitably become olde
and the world will rush on by you
and you may feel used up and useless
others will surpass you
always someone richer younger smarter luckier
but always someone more down n out
comparisons have always fucked me up
youre jealous of some geezer
who suddenly croaks in a bad way
what do you do with yer jealousy then?
did you learn?
didja find another bloke who seems to be living it large
and envy him instead?
theres a reason that youre you
i never wanted to be me
anyone but me
someone with a better name
someone with no freckles and stronger arms
someone who sells a billion records and got no worries
at first someone older
then someone younger
someone american
someone indian
someone living in ancient greece
someone with a big house in vaucluse
someone here or there
someone with a yacht
someone who flies business class
someone somewhere warm n cosy
in with the in crowd
someone like picasso
someone like that guy over there
he looks like hes got it all together..
of course i look at all the others
the ones i dont want to be
oh im glad im not as old or sick or washed up as so n so
oh im glad im not an annoying fucking idiot like robbie willy-i-ams
oh im glad im not as stupid or damned like georgie bush
oh im glad im not in that plane crash or earthquake or war
glad im not a fundamentalist or christian ratbag
glad im not a soldier or a sanitation engineer
glad im not a doctor or nurse
glad i keep my hands clean and my conscience fooled
life is happening on a billion levels at least
there is no one answer
if anyone says
especially if its some prick of a door to door
mormon or witness
some fresh scrubbed ninny
brandishing a bible
he aint even begun to grokk on its many levels
telling you youre immortal soul is doomed
if you dont immediately drop everything
and believe in his brand of hokum
if youre a christian you believe in love n compassion
end of story
thats christs message
not fucking armageddon
not youre in n youre out
trust me kids
it aint gonna be like that
i been around
i been watching
i seen the beggars n the cripples
i seen the hopeless n helpless
i seen the hippo-crits n pharisees too
i seen villains get rich n happy
i seen heroes dying almost alone
i seen money and rich guys
i seen junkies with nothing at all
nothing left except what theyre wearing
i seen healers and magic
i seen miracles and atrocities
i seen an idiot fix an election n no one could stop it
i seen slob-o-dan milosy-vitch
and general rat-ko and dr evil whatsis-vitch
i seen my kids being born
i seen mobs elevating people
i seen mobs turning nasty
i seen unexpected help and love from enemies
i seen friends turn their back
i found out people i thought i hated i really loved
and vice versa
i seen breast implants
i seen plastic surgery
i seen western imperialism
i seen the meat n arms industries
i seen drunk driving and its result
i seen trump and his ilk sell of the earth
i seen monarchies
i seen what we done to the animals n the natives
but still
i hate it when my records get bad reviews
i hate it when i get a parking ticket
i hate it when the publishers fuck me over
blather on olde time being
what you trying to say, boy?
i dunno
maybe this
watch out!
appearances are deceptive
beware of maya
beware of complacency
kiss yer friends
give yer enemies a fucking break
try harder in whatever you do
transcendence is to be found in that extra inch of effort
you maybe surprised at how much you can do
avoid eating dead things..its only obvious isnt it?
confront your darkness
it hates the light
be compassionate
be friendly
be understanding
exactly the way
you hope people will be to you
if its over its over
let it all go
breathe out and let it all go
exhale and set your miseries free
rejoice that you aint in jail or in a hospice waiting to die
be someone you can be proud of when its all over
you can change
look at me
lifes a dream
dream up dreamers
enjoy it while you can
it all could stop at anytime
just like that!
make the most of it

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