posted on December 2, 2006 at 9:32 pm

thank you children of the night
i appreciate your support
sometimes its hard being a raving genius
kicking against the pricks who run this show
i made p=a for you
not for them
and to answer mr missions oft asked question
twas i twinklefingers playing piano on mistress
(i channelled my dad!)
but when we delivered it to a-wrister records n tapes
they were like, well….whats this sposed to be?
can we change the title?
i already had previously written an essay
for a’wrista
(can you fucking believe this)
explaining why i wanted to call starfish “starfish”
they wanted to call it under the milky way
(gee some imaginitive einsteins at work there)
so i think
they wanna explanation
i’ll give em an explanation THEY WONT BELIEVE!
so i set about typing the most hilarious
over the top
pseudo-hi brow
andre breton-ish
loada olde tripe
about starfish
the word
the connotations
the drift, the travel, the cosmic
the interconnection of all fucking things
the meaning of life contained within 2 silly bles
star fish
of course a’wrista writes back
oh steve…well seeing its like that..of course
starfish it is
of course i couldnt just say to em
ah…well i wanna call it starfish cos i like it!
not everything has meaning
nor is it desirable even that it should
starfish was a good title
it made something deep inside light up
something intangible
something beyond n before description
it felt right
i pick up a guitar and start singing a new song
because it means something?
hardly ever
because it feeels right?
usually always
thats why i call em “straights”
they have no imagination
they cant just go
i can grokk that!
its dig-able, baybee!
i fought against “straights” from the moment
i bought me first guitar..
always been some unimiginative gooseball
waiting to spoil my vision-splendid
no you cant do that!
no you cant play that!
no you cant write that!
no you cant record that!
why not?
because you cant!
why are there so many “straights” in the music biz?
cant they have their thing and let us have ours?
the ent biz is where less powerful “straights” are attracted
the sick n weak ones who cant survive amongst their own
attracted by the naivety n trusting nature of musicians
they crowd into the pool
eating up the small fry
and taking great chunks out of ya!
people yesterday saying our vids (bar one or two) are shonky
i agree with ya
you think i wanted that ?
you cant put pictures to my songs
a visual explaining
or decoding
or suggesting
or implying
just ruins our music
ive had so many fights
so much sulking screaming whispering meetings standoff
ultimatums accusations balls-ups waste of time n money
it was some unimaginitive “straight” super-imposing his malarkey
on my lovely song
but i like n bell-eyre n toofast n tearitallaway
there ok
they dont ruin the songs, do they?
almost with you is a bit stupid but it was 1981
actually its too much grief thinkin’ about it
and all the money wasted on stupid vids
that we wouldnt ever see
(we never saw the money/we didnae wanna see the vids)
sk at loggerheads with someone or other
fuck it!
i do wanna do no more vids
and now i olde n ugly its better that way
cherch n vids dont go
yes yes
tantylised only really good one
i think utmw rather silly actually
theyre all just sorta mediocre
it wassa dark day for music
when videos became de rigeur
criticising rock vids is like
shooting a barn with a shotgun from point blank range
there aint no point
their full ludicrousy and absurdity is apparent
many vid directors are admen down on their luck
failed tv directors tryin’ somethin’ different
they aint got the quals to reinterpret my fuckin’ lyrics
with their exploding toasters n long red fingernails
with their dry ice n men dressed in overcoats
with their close-ups n fade-outs
they didnt have the vocabulary
it wasnt sposed to be seen
it was sposed to be heard
the opposite of children….
dont get me talking
i hate most of our vids
and most of everbody elses
occaisionally a good one comes along
thats quite a trick!
but most are music-killing rubbish
utter n vile tripe
of the highest philistinic order
visual anathema wanna make ya tear yer eyes out
rather than watch its shallow bloated nonsense
you should read the treatments ive been sent
ive been stunned by the stuff thats been suggested
in the end you have to try n trust somebody
xyz records wasnt gonna give olde sk the budget to make a vid
besides i didnt know how to do it either
i didnt wanna do it
videos ruin my songs
so the whole thing is a tricky n painful subject
out of my hands
beyond my control
just getting me upset
then n now
breathe deep
im gonna let it go

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