posted on December 22, 2006 at 8:34 pm

me n aurora
and cliff martinez solaris soundtrack
aurora looks tired
we were out late
having a walk around
she didnt get to bed until around 10 15
but shes up early
afraid that she’ll miss out on something
now heres a strange thing
when aurora n eve were three
they made up “the characters”
aurora became “booky girl”
who had a twin brother “booky boy”
eve was mussa magee
the names of the other “characters” were
chupa chinnick
jackie boy
lumley mulligan
of course i joined in by being mr henderson
booky girls father
i pretended to carry a pipe
n i spoke like the major in fawlty towers
“I say…has anyone jollywell seen young booky girl?”
and i’d tap my imaginary pipe n cough n mutter
n carry on like an olde codger…
and strike me pink
if i dont come home this weekend with a pipe
its a prop for my part as peter in the play
and aurora keeps going n getting the pipe
dad…cant you be mr henderson
“why yes why oh hello booky girl
i ah expect your mothers getting tea ready for you and ah booky boy…”
and then i look down n see
that the booky girl in aurora really cares for her imaginary dad
stuffy olde bugger that he is
she gets up this smorning
as soon as shes awake
wheres the pipe dad?
her imagination lets it be
is this a metaphor for life
certain evil characters bestriding the world stage
they stick that metaphorical pipe in their mouths
and we believe it
they put on a suit
and their killing is civilised
elli n minna were up late watching movies
and entertaining a swedish friend
i think an early morning swim could be in order for doodles
maybe the bumper would appreciate a seaside romp
im attempting to relax today
i have realised im very very tense
and im finding it hard to truly relax
im always thinking of all the things i havent done
the things i havent sent
the emails unwritten
the heavy weight of possibilities
a quicksand of undone deeds sucking me down n down
thanks for all yessadaze commence
enjoy yer yule baby
thats what its there for
tonite the basement
tomorrow the world

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