posted on March 5, 2009 at 8:23 pm

i run about weirdly
my world has devolved into a 3 dimensional slop
small weird creatures struggle and fight to be free of it
i never thought things could get so weird
i never thought things could be so strange
i never thought i guess
i never thought such thoughtless things
the cosmic all shudders to spit it all out
the universe convulses as it expels us
and we lie at last
outside of what? someone asks
why come here for the answers? someone else says
i think i know that voice
says another voice
i’m in another room says a fourth voice
i’m in another story…..
i wonder if there are any taxis out there
i got 9 dollars in my pocket…change from lunch
the clouds part for a moment
soft white sunlight pours down
i hit the road forward
and i keep on walkin’
what else is there to do?

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