posted on October 31, 2013 at 2:08 pm


i dunno how ya found me

i was sitting here in the hall of bright carvings

i was waiting for a 441 bus to take me back to 1982

i was mentioned in a show somebody’s mother saw

i was on the phone with grant mclennan

and with lou reed and with kevin ayers

i was falling in a dream that i was sitting in a chair

i was painting pictures that really told a story

i sold my soul for a big advance and a shot at the crown

i waltzed out there and fucked up the moon for myself

i nailed up the comet tailed galaxy in an embassy in the woods

man a city imploded in my head and i fed the stars to a wolf

the delirious sky begun to fry in my little eye n i sigh

the wolf was a prince and the prince was a dog and the dog was a wolf

the world was alone it had no friends

wait until this planet ends

i hear the voice of a lonely snake awaken in winter

i feel the charming disarming drug of choice in hinterland on tour

man the  sea is black as ink n i disappear as i sink in it

woman you stained me blue as woad on the road i blink in it

stupid life i groan and i grown

steven make sure answer phone

steven make sure methadone

steven make sure seed is sown

i call a number sorry disturb the slumber

i mumble my grumbling nonapology

its different time here the minutes within it go fast past

at last we reach the final line

and even though that  wasnt it

its a fine line

its fine



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